How to Apply for a Hayya Card for FIFA World Cup in Qatar

With the countdown to the FIFA World Cup fast approaching, the host country Qatar has been preparing for the coming of football fans all over the world. If you want to take part in the event, you first need a Hayya card.

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The card is an initiative of the Qatari government, and the application can be done online. Both local and international fans will have to present this card before they can watch the game. International fans will also use the card as their entry into the country.

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Steps for Applying for a Hayya Card

According to FIFA, the Hayya card (or Fan card) will serve as one of the identifications that a fan has to present before watching a match. The Hayya card contains information unique to the holder and will be valid for the duration of the World Cup.

If you are planning to watch the football match, you will need to present this card plus a match ticket for the day. Don’t have a Hayya card yet? Applying for the card is easy. Follow these steps, as seen on the Qatar2022 video tutorial:

  1. Once you have bought match tickets, you have to apply for a Hayya card
  2. Go to to register your account
  3. Complete the registration by submitting the OTP verification code that you will receive in your registered email address
  4. Use the ticket registration number to apply for a Hayya card
  5. Upload a high-quality ID photo. It is better to use your up-to-date image
  6. If you are currently in Qatar, you only need to provide your QID and date of birth
  7. If you are coming from countries outside Qatar, you are required to upload a scanned image of your passport. Check if the passport has validity for at least 3 months
  8. When you have uploaded a copy of the passport, the system will automatically read the information
  9. If you cannot upload the copy, you need to manually encode all information into the system
  10. Provide the name and contact number of your designated person to call in case of emergency
  11. Review all details before you submit your application
  12. Check your inbox to see updates about the status of your application
  13. If the organizers approve your application, you will immediately receive a digital version of the card
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Accommodation Arrangements

Even if you haven’t booked any accommodation yet, you can start applying for the Hayya card. However, you will need to confirm your arrangement eventually. The details about your accommodation are crucial information needed for the official approval of your card.

What Else Can You Do With the Hayya Card in Qatar?

Your FIFA World Cup experience in Qatar will not be complete without the Hayya card. For one, you will need to present this card if you want to watch the match in the stadium. You can also avail of the free train ride to the stadium if you have this card.

Most importantly, you can use the app to help you plan your trip. This feature will prove to be helpful so you can get to the destination on time.

You can watch the full video here:

It is also important to note that you will need to get a Hayya card if you will be coming to Qatar anytime during the duration of the tournament. Whether you have plans to watch or not, you will need to have this card.

See you at the games!

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