5 Top Companies in Qatar

Qatar is an investment-friendly country. As such, it has a lot of companies established by international owners. The two major contributors to the company’s economy are oil and gas, which accounts for 70 percent of the total earnings of the government, and 60 percent of Qatar’s GDP.

Doha, Qatar’s capital and biggest metropolis, is the mainstay for most of these top companies. Qatar is a hotspot when it comes to starting businesses, because it is friendly and has a solid business groundwork. The top companies in Qatar are related to finance, industry, property, and telecommunications.

top companies qatar

Qatar’s Top 5 Major Companies

1. Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank is the biggest bank among all the banks in the Gulf states. According to Bloomberg, Qatar National Bank is the strongest lender in the whole world. Its current chief executive is Ali Al Kuwari.

2. Industries Qatar

Industries Qatar’s aim is to become the number one player in producing topnotch industrial products. It is focused on increasing its capacity to create lots of products across a wide-range of choices. It was established back in 2003, and is a Qatari conglomerate and subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum.

3. Ezdan Real Estate

Ezdan Real Estate is a part of the Ezdan Holding Group. It aims to be the number one partner of choice when it comes to buying real estate in Qatar. Ezdan Real Estate is huge: it has more than 600 commercial units distributed across Al Wukair, Al Wakrah, and Doha. It also has 28,846 residential units!

4. Mesaieed Petrochemical Company

Mesaieed Petrochemical Company has three operating ventures under its name: Qatar Chemical Company Ltd, Qatar Chemical Company II Ltd, and Qatar Vinyl Company Ltd. All three work together, making Mesaieed the number one producer of petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are important raw materials for various products, both in the household and in different industries.

5. Ooredoo

Ooredoo is the number one communications company in Qatar, and it actually has a customer base that extends way beyond the country. In fact, it has more than 100 million customers, coming from Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Ooredoo aims to make Qatar the country with the best Internet connection in the world, and does so by focusing most of its energy on building the “Supernet.”

These are the top companies in Qatar. If you’re interested in working in this Gulf state, you may want to considering applying for lucrative positions in these industries.