5 Best Chocolate Shops in Qatar

It’s safe to say that everyone loves chocolate. Every time we take a bite, we feel good because it tastes, smells, and feels good in our mouth! If you’re in Qatar, you may want to check out some of the best stores selling the most delicious chocolate.

In fact, no celebration in Qatar is complete without chocolate. Most supermarkets in this country sell chocolates that are cheap or moderately priced. But if you want to buy branded chocolates, you can try to visit stores that are exclusively selling them. There are also options for special offers, especially those that are imported from other countries.

chocolate shop qatar

Where to Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving in Qatar

To find the best chocolate in Qatar, check out the following.

1. Chocolate Bar Cafe

The Chocolate Bar Café, located in The Pearl, Doha, is an American product, offering a variety of yummy chocolate products, including slightly-salted chocolate brownie and ice cream, which is served big so you have to eat it with someone else! They also serve chocolate shakes and yummy desserts.

2. Maya La Chocolaterie

Maya La Chocolaterie is located in Villagio Mall and Landmark Mall, Doha. It offers a lot of products, such as fondues, dipping options, and drinks. Maya has that unique round pot where they serve your hot chocolate in! You are also given chocolate and milk drops that goes into the warm milk they serve.

3. Godiva

Godiva is located in Landmark Mall, Al Shamal Road, Gharaffa, Doha. Godiva’s chocolate selections are handcrafted in Belgium. These include milk chocolates like their signature Lait Café, Lune Praline, and Couer Lait. Dark chocolates include Tourbillon 85, Volupte 72, Nippon, and Lady Noir.

4. Patchi

Patchi is located in Landmark Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Doha. While Patchi may be known for selling pricey chocolates, once you’ve tasted them, you’ll be wanting more! The chocolates they sell are great as gifts for the people you love. Patchi sells chocolate creations, chocolate gift boxes, lines that contain no sugar, decorated chocolates, and more.

5. Chopin Chocolates and Dates

Chopin Chocolates and Dates is located at Al Sadd St., Doha. Chopin has more than 10 years’ worth of experience selling Swiss chocolates. It has over 100 products, continuing to introduce more and more lines each year and being innovative in designing their packages. They sell cakes, special hot and cold choco, salties, Marzipan, and more.

Feeling hungry yet? Next time you’re craving for this sweet dessert in Qatar, visit these locations. Indeed, Qatar is full of culinary surprises!