Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Qatar

More and more people nowadays are considering having a vegetarian diet, but still, only a small percentage of the world’s population avoid eating meat. As a result, many people still don’t know what it means to be vegetarian. In fact, there are some places in the world that have very few restaurant options for vegetarians.

In Qatar, however, vegetarians don’t have to worry. This rich country is so diverse in its culture and cuisine that, surely, vegetarians will easily find a place to dine. Some of the best are found in this list.

vegetarian qatar restaurant

Where to Eat in Qatar if You’re Vegetarian

1. Bharath Vasanta Bhavan

Among all restaurants, the South Asian and Indian ones offer the tastiest options for vegetarians. There are many Bharath branches all over Qatar, giving you affordable Indian recipes. Bharath identifies as a South Indian vegetarian restaurant, with such recipes as paper roast dosa, onion uthappam, vada set, and the popular rava dosa, which is great as a breakfast meal.

2. The Cheesecake Factory

This restaurant is not a strictly vegetarian one, but with its wide-ranging menu, you are sure to find a lot of vegetarian recipes. Some of their best-selling ones include vegan cobb salad, which contains roasted beets and grilled asparagus. They also have avocado egg rolls and a veggie burger, which has cheese but you can always ask them to be removed.

3. Nobu Doha

The biggest Nobu restaurant in the world is located in Doha. It has an extensive offering of cocktails, shisha flavors and modern Arabic cuisine. But more importantly, it serves a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as well. While a Japanese restaurant, it also offers genuine dishes from China, India, and Thailand. You should check out their eggplant miso!

4. Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics opened in August 2016 as the first ever vegan café in Qatar. The choices are extensive, and for people who are allergic to gluten, they’ve got you covered as well. They also have sugar-free recipes for those trying to cut down on the sweets. They even sell vegan cakes and desserts, which could be a bit pricey but not so much.

5. Falafel Al Akawi

Falafel Al Akawi is located in Bin Mahmoud, near Badriya Signal in Doha. It offers vegan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and fast food recipes. This restaurant is famous for its Falafel and Sandwiches. It also helps that this restaurant is relatively cheap compared to other similar restaurants. People love the home fried eggplants, the falafi Arabi platter, and more.

Feeling hungry yet? You should check out these vegetarian restaurants while in Qatar. Qatar is famous for its world-class restaurants, so you will surely enjoy visiting these food spots.