Best Places to Eat Breakfast in Doha

Some people like to eat brunch and skip breakfast altogether. But if you’re one of those who like to pack in a hearty meal at the start of a day, this article is for you. In Doha, there are many amazing restaurants to choose from when it comes to having an amazing breakfast. This article lists some of the most popular.

A good breakfast is a healthy breakfast; one that’s sure to supply your daily dose of required energy to start the day right. However, these restaurants go the extra mile by making their breakfasts not just delicious and nutritious, but also affordable.

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Where to Eat Breakfast in Qatar

1. Eggspectation

If you like Eggs Benedict, then you will enjoy Eggspectation’s version, which contains beef bacon. The restaurant also offers various other delicious recipes, including bagels, chicken and waffles, and something called the Benedict with Benefits, which is similar to the standard but uses multigrain bread. Eggspectation is located in Medina Centrale at The Pearl-Qatar.

2. Santa Monica Breakfast Club

The Santa Monica Breakfast Club is located at Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel and Villas in West Bay Lagoon. One of their specialties is the buffet breakfast, which is worth only QAR 100. At this buffet, you can choose between a variety of breakfast dishes, treats, juice, coffee and more. If you have kids, this place is ideal, too, and it’s such a casual and convenient place to dine in!

3. Atrium Lounge

This is located at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel, and is open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM. The Atrium Lounge offers a variety of Arabic food, a café, and has options that are excellent for vegetarians and vegans. People also love the place for the excellent service from the staff. Some people recommend trying out their Um Ali, which is a dessert originally from Egypt.

4. Pool Grill

pool grill
Image Credit: Four Seasons Hotel Doha Facebook Page

The Pool Grill is located at Four Seasons Doha. It serves breakfast in a unique way; you are given cast iron plates and made to choose from either Middle Eastern, Western, and breakfast specialties from various parts of the globe. If you buy breakfast from your own country, you even get a ten percent discount.

5. Sandwich options

Do you like having a sandwich for breakfast? Then, you should try out Takeaway, where they have an amazing Chicken fajita sandwich. You can also try out the simple but super delicious Egg sandwich from Al Banuche cafeteria, located at Al Hilal.

Feeling hungry yet? Next time you’re in Doha, Qatar, try to visit some of these places to have a hearty breakfast. You need all the energy you can get to truly enjoy this vibrant city, which has so much to offer!