Qatar is World’s No. 1 in Mobile Internet Speed

Nowadays, it is very convenient that we already have what we called the “mobile Internet.” Mobile Internet makes our web life easier: We can stay connected with our family and friends through social media and messengers; we can play our favorite online games anywhere; we can look for nearby restaurants or fast food in unknown places through online maps; we can watch our favorite TV series on our phone even when not at home; and many others.

Isn’t it more convenient if the mobile Internet that we are using is fast? What more if it is the fastest? Good news for those who are living in Qatar: Qatar is now the world’s number one when it comes to mobile internet speed, Gulf Times reported.

Qatar has World’s Fastest Mobile Internet Service

According to the Ookla Speed Test Index, Qatar ranked number one in the world for mobile speeds with a speed of 63.22 Mbps, followed by Norway and United Arab Emirates with speeds of 62.14 Mbps and 54.67 Mbps, respectively. The average download speed of Qatar is almost three times faster than the world average internet speed, which is 23.54 Mbps.

The Ookla Speed Test Index shows comparison of internet speed data around the world on a monthly basis. The data for this index is derived from hundreds of millions of tests taken by people using Speedtest every month. Speedtest is a web service that provides free analysis of Internet access performance metrics such as connection, data rate, and latency.

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications service provider, has congratulated Qatar for another major milestone. Waleed al-Sayed, the Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo, said that the result from Ookla shows that Qatar is truly number one in mobile data services and that Ooredoo invested in making sure that their internet has the best coverage in the country so that everyone can enjoy the internet. “We vow to continue to push our network forward, in terms of coverage and technology, so Qatar is continually the best in the world,” he added.

Ooredoo offers connectivity for all mobile phones in Qatar in 3G, 4G or 4.5G network depending on the phone model. However, customers can only enjoy access to Ooredoo’s 4.5G super-speed service if their device supports an 800 or 2600-MHz frequency.

The company is also the one responsible in launching a 5G network in Qatar and this life-changing technology is being rolled out to ensure availability across the country as soon as commercial devices are made available. 

With the innovation in mobile internet and other technologies, Qatar will surely be known not only in terms of its economic aspect, but also in its advanced technology, telecommunication, and Internet services. And speaking of Ooredoo, check out these job opportunities with Ooredoo this year.