How to Set up House Utilities in Qatar (Water/Electricity, Phone/Internet, Gas)

Once you have secured a place to rent, the next step is setting up home utilities like water, electricity, telephone lines and internet connections. We’ve written this article to act as a guide as you set up your home utilities in your newly rented apartment in Qatar.

It’s important that you have these ready as these are basic requirements when you transfer to a new flat. And like everything else in Qatar, your application can be processed in no time if you have all the necessary requirements needed.

Guide to Setting up Water, Electricity, Phone and Gas Connection in Qatar

We have divided these information according to needs. Water and electricity as well as phone/internet and gas connections. Please be guided accordingly and read on how you can manage these connections asap.

Water and Electricity

Referred to as Kahramaa, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (QGEWC) is the sole supplier of water and electricity in the whole of Qatar.

QCGEWC is the sole distributor of water and electricity in Qatar. ©Kahramaa Website

To apply, you need to personally submit the requirements and fill out the application form at the service center of QGEWC.

The following documents will be required for your application:

  1. Completed application form signed by your sponsor
  2. Copy of Qatari ID
  3. Kahramaa reference number (you will find this on your apartment’s front door frame; if living in a villa, look on the electricity box)
  4. Copy of your Tenancy Contract
  5. QR2,000 for deposit (QR 1,200 for electricity and QR 800 for water)
  6. Current meter readings

    You can pay utility bills through Internet Banking. ©gemteck1/Flickr

If there is already an existing connection on the house you have just rented, you need to transfer it to your name. Application forms can be downloaded here.

Payments can be made through Internet Banking. You just have to register your Kahramaa account, and you can make your payments online.

Landline Phone and Internet

Ooredoo is Qatar’s leading telecommunications service provider. It offers services like landline, internet and cable TV packages. Just visit Ooredoo shop and fill out application form.

Bring the following documents for your application to be processed immediately:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Residence Permit
  3. Qatar ID

Ooredoo offered both broadband and mobile services. ©Daniel R/Flickr

For mobile connection, Ooredoo and Vodafone offer pre-paid and post-paid connections. Provide your residence permit upon application.

Other Utilities: Gas

For your liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply, you can buy refill of gas cylinder at leading supermarkets or at Woqod petrol stations, the overall supplier of LPG in the country.

Drinking water is also delivered by water suppliers. Tokens can be bought in the supplier’s store in exchange for the bottles on the scheduled days of delivery.

Advice the security officials of the house you are renting to add you to the local suppliers’ list.