5 Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar

These days the use of smartphones is so prevalent, thanks to helpful apps that are easily downloadable whether your device has an iOS or Android operating system. There seems to be an app for anything useful, even for all things related to living in Qatar.

Indeed, technology continues to make our lives easier, and with the click of a button, you have access to a much easier way of doing things through mobile apps. The following are some of the most useful apps you can download and use in Qatar.

qatar useful apps

Best Apps to Use While in Qatar

1. Metrash 2

Metrash 2 is not only one of the most useful apps while in Qatar, it is also the second most popular app in the country. It is actually an app that is developed by the government of Qatar for Qatari nationals. Through this app, you can easily access all the useful services that the Ministry of Interior offers. Some of the services in the Metrash 2 app include Citizens’ services, Community policing, MOI – HR Dept Services, Entry Visas, E-Gate Services, Traffic Services, Resident Permit, Travel Notification and General Services. With this app, you don’t have to go to the Immigration, wait for hours and hours with other people, and you don’t have to go out of your home to access these services.

2. Talabat

Talabat allows you to order food online in Qatar. It is also available in other Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and UAE. Through the Talabat phone app, you can take an order in a nearby restaurant, and basically, Talabat will bring the food to you. You don’t have to go through the hassle of going out and lining in a cue. It is even more convenient than calling the restaurant’s phone number which is sometimes busy or without a signal. The Talabat also has many other features that make ordering online more convenient and fun.

3. Qatar Airways

The Qatar Airways apps has several features that makes it so much easier to look up flights. One notable features is the 7-day fare calendar which you can use to find the cheapest available fare. Through the app, you can also make special requests for what meals you’d like to eat during your flight. You can also use the app to check the status of your flight, and the app has several information regarding Qatar Airways in general. This includes the contact details of the airlines.

4. The Peninsula

Looking for the best app for news in Qatar? There are several great Qatar-based news apps, but The Peninsula is one of the most popular among free apps. It’s slogan is “Qatar’s Daily Newspaper,” and indeed, like a daily newspaper, it shows you all the latest local news in an easy, images scroll-down fashion. The news are categorized according to all the headlines in current events, business, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and all about the latest in the capital city of Doha.

5. Kahramaa

Kahramaa app allows Qataris to pay their water and electricity bill online through the convenience of a smart phone. It is the official app of the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation. Aside from payment, it offers other services, such as status tracking, meter reading, bill updates, and more.

Living in Qatar is much easier with these apps. Through apps, you can maintain an organized life, contact others from the comforts of your home, know more about what’s happening in the world, and so much more.