How to Extend Your Qatar Tourist Visa for Another 30 Days

You may think that the visa extension process in Qatar will be complicated and will require much of your time and money, but it’s actually the opposite.

In order to attract more tourists to visit and explore this Gulf wonder, Qatar is making visa extension procedures a lot easier. So if you want your relatives to come for a visit, Qatar is now making it convenient for everyone to extend their visa.

Visa extensions are now made easy in Qatar. ©Martin Alvarez Espinar/Flickr


Qatar Visa 30-Day Extension

For the visa-free entry passport holders from 80 countries, they were entitled to a 6-month stay in Qatar. Upon arrival, they will be issued a multiple-entry waiver, free-of-charge. All they need is provide the immigration with a valid address of the place where they are staying, like the hotel or the home address of the friend where they will stay.

Privileged passport holders can stay up to 180 days. ©John Barker/Flickr

For those passport-holders qualified to have a visa-free entry for 30 days, they can extend their visa waiver for additional 30 days for a single or multiple trips (within the validity period). Note that no additional extensions will be provided after the permitted extension.

To request for a 30-day extension, visitors holding a 30-day visa waiver can go to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Immigration Office which can be found inside Hamad International Airport or at its office branch at Cargo Terminal.

And it is now made easy because the Ministry has launched an online visa extension available at MOI Service Center throughout Qatar.

Process of Extending Your Visit Visa in Qatar

By allowing nationals from 80 countries to visit the country without visa, Qatar is now one of the most open countries in the world.

Qatar is now one of the most open countries in the world. ©Francisco Anzola/Flickr

And in order to attract more tourists to visit the country, the government made visa extension procedures even easier. And it can be done in just two easy steps. Yes, two. And it’s not even an official process. You only have to:

  1. Go to the office of the Ministry of Immigration or in any MOI Service Center.
  2. Present your passport and return ticket to the counter. And if required, pay the necessary fee for the visa extension.

For online application, you can visit this link from the Ministry of Interior website.

There are just some important points to remember though:

  1. The office of the Ministry of Interior is closed on weekends, so be sure to go there within the working hours on weekdays.
  2. Always check for any updates on the rules as they may be changed without notice.

To ensure that your family’s visa application will be approved, make sure to present all the pertinent documents required by the embassy. And to avoid having issues with the immigration office, have your visa certified by the Qatar Embassy in your home country before departure.