The Color Run Doha on 27th January 2018

A big event will take place in Qatar this coming January 27, 2018. The Color Run Doha invites people who reside in Doha to take part and make this event successful and fun… through running! This event is also known as The Happiest 5k On The Planet.

People who join the event are showered with powder full of colors every time they pass 1 km reaching to 5km. Many participants have been part of the past two events which was held at the QNCC (Qatar National Convention Center).

The organizers are assuring an enhanced experience compared to the previous occasions. They plan to throw a “tropical array” of colors with an island-like lively music.

 The Color Run Doha 2018 presented by Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First

The organizers are in partnership with WCM-Q (Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar) who happens to run the health campaign Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First.

Event date: Saturday 27th January 2018
Webpage to register:  
Groups of 15 or more can receive discounts:


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The Color Run™ presented by @sahtakawalan is bringing the Tropicolor to Doha! Early bird tickets are available at starting from just QAR 140! Don’t miss out on being part of the #happiest5k on the planet with more fun and color than ever before this January 28th at the @qncc_events صحتك اولا تقدم اليكم عالما مفعماً بالالوان في الدوحة مع سباق الالوان أولى التذاكر في هذا الرابط بسعر يبدأ من 140 ريال قطري فقط لا تدعوا الفرصة تفوتكم وكونوا جزءا من مسيرة مليئة بالبهجة والمرح والالوان أكثر من اي سباق مضى! في 28 يناير في مركز قطر الوطني للمؤتمرات

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Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be! ? #Happiest5k #Tropicolor

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If you’re dating a Color Runner, raise your hand! If you’re not…raise your standards ? #Happiest5k

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Looks fun doesn’t it? What are you waiting for. Register now at their website.

The Color Run to return to Qatar in January