A Visit to Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche is one of the most attractive parts in the city. This 7 kilometer boulevard has the right combination of sea, palm trees, amenities and a view of Doha’s business district. It is no wonder that children and adults alike will never tire of visiting this place.

There are playgrounds, exercise machines and green lawns for everyone’s use. And these are for free. You can also take a tourist dhow to go to a nearby island and go swimming. Or if you prefer to stay dry, you might want to visit the Doha heritage village.

doha corniche photo
Doha Corniche
photo credit: Hafiz Issadeen

Doha Corniche is One of the Top Attractions in Qatar

You will never run out of things to do when you are in Corniche. If you are a health buff, there are facilities for exercise. Or you can just walk or run along the boulevard. The 7-kilometer stretch would be a good warm up if you are training for a marathon.  The Doha Bay and palm trees can keep you occupied.

You can also marvel at the modern architectures that you will encounter on the other side of the Corniche. There are museums and mosques. And when you get to the business district, delight your eyes in the various building designs that you will see.

In the Doha Heritage Village, visitors will see pearl trading, jewellery displays and a traditional dhow. During special events, this place also teaches weaving and forgotten Qatari crafts. If you continue walking towards west, you will also see the Emir’s palace, the Doha port area and the Qatar National Museum.

Children will love the play area along the boulevard. Even on the opposite side of Corniche, the Al Bidda Park is also a good place to run around and play. Or the whole family can take the dhow for a swimming expedition in a nearby island. This island has good recreational facilities as well as affordable restaurants.

Most people prefer to stroll along Corniche during evenings, probably because it’s colder. At the same time, the lighting of the buildings in the business district would be best appreciated. Most importantly, there is ample parking space in the area.