Five Renovated Beaches Now Open in Qatar

Now that summer season is upon us, it’s time to hit the beach! This is the best time to spend some fun in the sun with your family and friends!

Wondering where to go for a swim? News is that five renovated beaches and corniches in Qatar are now open to the public. Find out where you can enjoy your weekends!

Five newly-renovated beaches have opened in Qatar. Yay!
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Newly-Renovated Beaches & Corniches in Qatar

The Peninsula reported that the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has opened five major beaches and corniches after these areas have been renovated. These areas are equipped with new facilities such as pergolas (shades), cafeterias, toilets, and green areas to offer visitors better services.

The renovated picnic places that are now open to public are the Corniches of Al Khor City, Al Shamal, Al Wakra City, and Doha, and the Semaisima Beach.

Al Shamar Corniche

After renovation, the Al Shamal Corniche now has a 2,570-meter pedestrian walkway, a 2,000-meter children’s play area, two separate buildings for wash closets, half of which is for visitors who have special needs. In addition to that, the corniche now has 120 parking spaces paved with asphalt, covering 7,000 square meters.

Al Shamal Corniche is also equipped with 26 pergolas along the beach and 55 benches that are distributed between the pedestrian walkway and children’s area. For a better ambiance, 83 lampposts are installed and 450 palm trees and other types of trees are planted on different areas of the corniche.

Al Wakrah Corniche

The Al Wakrah Corniche now has a walkway stretching up to 2.4 kilometers (2,400 meters)  and three (3) green areas covering 25,000 square meters. Its additional features include three (3) cafeterias and 98 lampposts powered by solar energies.

According to The Peninsula, the Al Wakrah Corniche facilities now include 120 pergolas, 60 toilets that are distributed among the three beach areas on Al Wakrah and a big parking lot with 600-vehicle capacity.

Time to hit the beach!

Corniche of Al Khor City

The Al Khor City Corniche is now developed as a picnic place for visitors. Its renovation includes the renovation of the play area and many restrooms. Plus, additional restrooms were constructed and a number of benches and 45 new parking lots were added to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors.

The Corniche of Al Khor City now has 46 pergolas and trees and greeneries spread over the area covering 6,000 square meters of the Al Khor. The parking lots now has 116-vehicle capacity.

Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche is known for its distinctive waterfront park that stretches around Doha Bay on an area of 120,000 square meters. All the parking lots have been renovated by replacing the old interlock with a more solid asphalt layer making the parking lots easier to maintain. The toilets have also been renovated, with 24 of these being rebuilt, so as to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

For visitors who love to exercise, exercise equipments have been placed at ten (10) places in the corniche so that visitors can do exercises while enjoying their vacation.

Semaisima Beach

The New Semaisima Beach now features three (3) play areas so that kids can enjoy the beach and a 4,000-square meter park planted with flower pants, Sidr trees and different varieties of palm trees that make the beach more refreshing for the visitors.  The beach also has pergolas and toilets good enough to accommodate its visitors.

With the opening of these renovated beaches, surely your weekends in Qatar would be fun and an enjoyable —  especially if you are a beach lover! Why don’t you bring your family and enjoy your beach escapades here in Qatar!