How to Apply for an Armenia Tourist Visa in Qatar

Visiting Armenia offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature while also delving into its rich historical heritage as one of the earliest civilizations. This country, situated in Western Asia, is renowned for its pristine water and lush forests.

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If you’re a Filipino seeking to explore Armenia’s offerings, you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa. There are two viable methods to obtain this visa: through an e-visa or by applying at the embassy. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of applying for an e-visa.

Historical sites in Armenia

Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos

The Philippines is one of the countries whose citizens require a tourist visa to visit Armenia. If you hold an ordinary passport, there are three ways to apply for a visa. However, the Armenian embassy strongly recommends applying for an E-Visa.

Requirements for Visa Application Using the E-Visa System

  • Valid passport: Your passport must remain valid throughout your stay in Armenia
  • Duly-filled visa application form
  • Passport photo measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Airline ticket
  • Hotel reservation
  • Previous passports (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial capability, such as a bank statement
  • Travel insurance

Visa Application Process

Filipinos who wish to visit Armenia can apply for a tourist visa using the E-Visa System. You can use this link to start your E-Visa application.  

Your visa application will depend on how long you will stay in Armenia. On average, the processing time takes approximately three days.

Fees for Visa Application

For tourist visa E-Visa application, the fees are as follows:

  • Up to 21 days of stay  – $ 7
  • Up to 120 days of stay – $ 34

Address and Contact Details of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia

  • Address: Al Dafna, Zone 67, Street 501 Villa 5, PO Box 7734 Doha, Qatar
  • Phone Number: +974 4492 9232
  • Facebook:

Map of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia

Video on Tourist Visa Application

To assist you in your Armenian visa application process, you can watch Maresa Vlogs’ YouTube video. This video provides a comprehensive guide on how to successfully apply for a tourist visa, including information about the corresponding fees.

As a bonus, the vlogger also shares insights on accommodations, recommended pocket money, and tips for maximizing your time in the country by planning your itinerary. If you’re concerned about not having enough funds for your trip, you can also find ideas on how to ensure you won’t run out of money while touring.

You can watch the full video here:

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on personal experiences that the OFW shared in the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video or on their social media accounts.

Getting from Qatar to Armenia

With the close proximity of the two countries, going to Armenia is quite easy. The fastest way to get to the country is by plane, with Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines offering daily flights. You can expect to get to Armenia in three hours or so. 

The least expensive round-trip fare starts at $2,000. It’s important to note that the peak season for traveling to Armenia is in August, while the off-peak season is in May. However, in general, you can plan your visit to Armenia during either autumn or summer to provide more opportunities for exploring interesting destinations. Finally, if you want to visit during the coldest month, you can book a flight in January. 

Popular Places to Visit in Armenia

Armenia, surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, is a destination that draws nature enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Here are our top recommendations for places to explore in this fascinating country:


Include the capital city, Yerevan, in your travel plans. With direct flights from Qatar, you can start your exploration as soon as you land. Yerevan offers various day trip options if you’re eager to venture beyond the city.

Yerevan is home to the Blue Mosque, the only mosque in the predominantly Christian country. For a deeper dive into history, consider visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

Lake Sevan

Spend a day by the water at Lake Sevan, the largest lake in Armenia. This serene lake is perfect for windsurfing and offers an abundance of delicious seafood at the many lakeside restaurants. Explore the area around the lake and discover the Sevanavank Monastery.

Lake Sevan is of great significance to Armenia, providing irrigation water, affordable electricity, fresh seafood, and exciting tourist attractions.

Dilijan National Park

Dilijan, Armenia’s largest national park, is a must-visit for nature lovers. Don’t miss the chance to explore its hiking trails, where you might spot various wildlife along the way. Alternatively, you can visit Lake Parz for boating and fishing.

Throughout the park, you’ll find monasteries, including the Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank Monastery, Jukhtakvank Monastery, and Matosavank Monastery. These religious sites boast stunning architecture and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Khor Virap

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Khor Virap is essential. This monastery is located at the border of Armenia and Turkey and holds historical significance in Armenia’s conversion to Christianity, particularly in its association with the imprisonment of St. Gregory for over a decade.

During your visit, you can still see the pit where St. Gregory was held, accessible via a ladder. Take in the scenic views of Mt. Ararat and the neighboring countries while you’re there.

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Armenia

To fully enjoy your Armenian experience, it’s important to be mindful of the customs and traditions of your host country. Here are some guidelines to assist you as you explore this Western Asian nation:

  • Take time to enjoy the countryside. Armenia is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. Make sure to include visits to the country’s parks, lakes, and temples in your travel itinerary.
  • Learn basic Armenian phrases. Armenian is one of the world’s oldest languages. Prior to your arrival in Armenia, take some time to learn basic greetings such as “barev dzez” for hello and “shnorhakalutyun” for thank you. Your efforts to speak their language will endear you to your hosts.
  • Go to the open-air markets. Visit the open-air markets scattered throughout Armenia to find unique souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, including jewelry, woodwork, and various crafts.
  • Dress conservatively. Armenians generally prefer conservative attire, so it’s wise to avoid revealing clothing.
  • Bring a gift for your host. When invited to someone’s home or a dinner, it’s customary to bring a small gift as a token of appreciation. This gesture, whether in the form of flowers or chocolates, signifies your gratitude for the invitation. 

Safety Tips When Traveling to Armenia

This Eurasian country is generally safe for tourists. The risk is generally low in all aspects. Nevertheless, it’s wise to consider some precautions:

  • Airport Taxi Caution: Be cautious when taking a taxi from the airport, as some drivers may overcharge.  When you take a taxi, you should look at the plate number for your protection. Choose the one with a yellow-colored plate number or must have a 3-digit number instead of 2. 
  • Beware of Pickpockets: While Armenia is generally safe, be aware of pickpockets, particularly in tourist areas. Always secure your valuables and keep your bags within your line of sight when in public places.
  • Exercise Caution with Strangers: Whether you’re in Armenia or elsewhere, maintain a sense of caution with strangers. Although Armenia is generally safe, use common sense when interacting with people you don’t know.
  • Solo Travel: Traveling alone, even for females, is generally safe in Armenia. However, stay alert and rely on your instincts when dealing with unfamiliar individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I request a visa extension?

Yes, you can apply for a visa extension. To do so, submit your application to the Migration and Citizenship Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. You should apply for an extension before your visa expires. 

You will also need to complete the visa extension application form, which can be found by following this link.

  • Is Armenia an expensive country?

Armenia is relatively affordable compared to other European countries. Visitors will find a range of options that suit their budget, from transportation and accommodation to food.

  • What type of visa do I need for a long-term stay?

If you intend to work, study, start a business, or join family members already in Armenia, you should apply for a temporary residency visa, also known as a “residency card.” This visa is ideal for foreigners with long-term, yet temporary, plans to stay in Armenia.


Filipinos intending to visit Armenia must first secure a tourist visa. For convenience, obtaining an E-visa is recommended. The application process involves filling out the application form, providing copies of your current and previous passports, showing a valid visa, submitting passport photos, demonstrating financial capability, and paying the visa application fee, which varies based on your intended duration of stay.

After meeting these requirements, your next step is to await the approval of your application. Depending on the number of days you’ve applied for, you can stay in Armenia for a period ranging from as short as 21 days up to a maximum of 120 days.

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