Best Indoor Swimming Pools in Doha, Qatar

Normally, people like to go out to the beaches during summer time. But in Qatar, it is advisable not to go outside at all because of the scorching heat. That’s why indoor pools are a wonderful alternative to beaches when you’re in Qatar.

You don’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful UV rays while swimming in an indoor pool. In Doha, Qatar, there are a lot of great indoor swimming pools, most of them found in hotels.

indoor pool qatar

List of Indoor Swimming Pools to Beat the Heat in Qatar

1. Ritz-Carlton Hotel

ritz carlton indoor swimming pool
Image Credit: Ritz Carlton Doha Facebook Page

This luxury hotel in Doha has several pools, including an indoor one, to help get you refreshed during the hotter months. The hotel has several outdoor pools as well, and even a private beach if you want something much closer to nature. Furthermore, the indoor pool, which is 25 meters long, has a Jacuzzi for that perfect relaxing moment.

2. La Cigale

la cigale indoor pool
Image Credit: La Cigale Hotel Facebook Page

The La Cigale is a 5-star hotel has an indoor pool which is 20 meters long. One of the coolest features of this indoor pool is that it has water jets and is temperature-controlled. The hotel is located in Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd Area in Doha.

3. Fraser Suites West Bay

At the Fraser Suites West Bay, you have a kind of hybrid pool that is both indoor-type and outdoor-type. The indoor aspect of this pool is the fact that it is shaded by the building ceiling, but the pool chairs are located outside. Fraser Suites West Bay is located in Al Intisar Street, another 5-star hotel in Doha, and suited right at the heart of the capital.

4. Kempinski Residences and Suites

The Kempinski Residences and Suites is Qatar’s tallest tower. It has 368 sea view or city view villas and suites, each measuring around 72 square meters to 596 square meters. It is located at the West Bay, one of Qatar’s major business districts. It has two heated indoor pools that people of all ages will enjoy. As swimmers enjoy the pool, they also get to see a wonderful view of the outside.

5. Movenpick Hotel West Bay Doha

The indoor pool of this luxurious hotel is chlorine free, which makes it suitable for families. It even has a children’s pool. Because this pool is located on the topmost floor, you get to enjoy a great view as well.

Indeed, Qatar has a lot of amazing indoor pools which will satisfy your need to beat the heat without getting sun-burned.