What’s it Like to Be a Home care Nurse in Qatar

Like the name suggest, a home care nurse is one that takes care of their patients and their families at their homes. For patients, this is an advantage because they are comfortable in their own homes and they don’t have to be away from their family. It also allows the nurse to really focus on the patient as he or she has no one else to take care of for much of the day.

Just like other kinds of nurses, home care nurses need the supervision of a physician who manages the home care plan of the patient. This article focuses on the life of a home care nurse in Qatar.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Home Care Nurse in Qatar

Nurses comprise the largest group among all registered health care workers. Unfortunately, the demand cannot keep up with the supply, and many Nursing graduates in the Philippines end up not working or having work unrelated to their degree. Some nurses even shift to being call center agents. Others become teachers and some work in a corporate setting.

To alleviate this problem, human resource companies in the Philippines have continued building partnerships with nursing companies in other countries, including Qatar. These companies aim to place nurses in Nursing jobs, and some companies especially focus on placing nurses to home care nursing work in Qatar.

Advantages of being a home care nurse

Being a home care nurse in Qatar, you can practice your field of expertise in a comfortable environment. Home care also allows you to build family like relationships with your clients. If the client is capable, you even get to join them during their travels. Many clients also feed you so that really helps you save some money.

You can also provide cost-effective and quality health care to your client, as you are focused on his needs at the moment, and in many cases you are available throughout the day or throughout your shift.

Another advantage is that home care nurses generally receive high salaries. According to one online survey, the average salary of a home care nurse in Qatar is 3,835 riyals per month. That is equivalent to 53,521 Philippine pesos monthly.

Disadvantages of being a home care nurse

No job is perfect, and home care nursing also has a few disadvantages. In the first place, having a health care profession is not easy. In some cases, you have to forget about your eating and sleeping habits for your patient’s well-being. Health care is a selfless and noble profession in that regard.

Home care nursing may even be more complicated, since you have to have great interpersonal skills. You must be a people person, and get along with not just your client but the client’s family and the other home workers like the maids. Also, you need to have self-confidence and trust in your own knowledge and skills.


Most home care nurse job openings in Qatar require Bachelors degree or Diploma in Nursing graduates and with 1 to 3 years of experience working in the Philippines.

Indeed, being a home care nurse in Qatar is not that easy, but it can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs you can ever have as a healthcare practitioner.