5 Things to Know About Starting a Vlog in Qatar

If you’re internet savvy and would like to earn extra income while working in Qatar, then maybe vlogging is for you. There are many OFW vloggers on YouTube sharing their life and experiences working in the Gulf nation. Most of these vloggers are monetizing their videos, which means they are earning money through the advertisements shown in their vlogs.

Vlogging is a great way to earn money if you’ve established a fan base, i.e. your videos have lots of views, the comments are positive, and your number of subscribers continuously increase at a rapid rate. But before you start a vlog in Qatar, you must know the following tips first.

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What You Should Know Before Vlogging in Qatar

Is it okay to vlog in Qatar?

Apparently, since many OFWs have YouTube channels and share content about their work or personal life in Qatar, vlogging is definitely okay in the country. However, there are certain rules you need to follow while filming videos especially in public places. For example, you are not allowed to take videos or photos of the locals. Also, there are signs everywhere that explicitly say “don’t take pictures.” All you have to do is follow.

9 Tips Before Becoming a Youtube Vlogger

The following OFW from Qatar shares his tips for becoming a YouTube Vlogger.

1. Use any Camera.

You don’t have to use a fancy camera to start vlogging. Quality content is more important. People will watch your content and not your camera. Even if you have the best camera, if your content is not interesting enough to your viewers, then it won’t get any significant views.

2. Have a YouTube Account

Before you can start making YouTube vlogs, you first need a YouTube account of course. To have a YouTube account, you first need to have a Google account. If you don’t have one yet, you can go to mail.google.com and click on Sign Up. Just follow the instructions and you’ll soon discover that your Gmail login is actually your Google login for all of Google’s services, including YouTube.

3. Be Confident

You need to have lots of confidence while vlogging. It can be embarrassing at first when you’re vlogging in public and everyone’s starting at you. The vlogger in the video shares the following tip when this happens to you: when people start staring at you, just think that they’re staring because you’re famous.

4. Have a Trademark to Address Your Viewers

Most YouTube vloggers refer to their audience in some collective name, like “kaberks” or “youtube natics” or in the case of this vlogger, “abe.” Think about how you would like to address our audience using a cool trademark name.

5. Identify your Niche

Your vlogs may have random content, but you need to identify a niche, something that is your expertise that you would like to talk about most of the time. For example, if you’re an expert in motorcycles, you can start a whole vlog series focusing on motorcycle reviews.

6. Be dedicated and don’t give up.

It’s pretty normal to have zero views when you’re just starting. Don’t lose hope. Pretty soon you’ll have a million views. Just learn from every video you make and get better each time.

7. Be original

Be original. Don’t copy other YouTubers. Others have already established their names and styles through hard work. Find your own style. People will recognize you immediately if you’ve established the original style that is present in each video you make.

8. Simple video tips

When you’re shooting a vlog using a smart phone camera, use the landscape angle. Also, don’t look at the screen. Look at the camera lens.

9. Learn youtube marketing strategies.

Do some research on best practices for promoting your videos. You need to market your posts so that people will love them.

These are simple and practical tips before you start vlogging in Qatar. It is a worthwhile experience. You get to share knowledge to people around the world, but especially to Filipinos who may be curious about what life is in Qatar.