Best Recreational Activities in Qatar

Qatar is a small nation, but it is such an exciting country, filled with loads of activities, sights and tourist attractions. The capital city, Doha, is not the only place you can go to for relaxation and enjoyment. The adventurous type can go to the more barren portions of the country!

In this article, we will briefly look at some of the best recreational activities in the richest country in the world, per capita GDP.

qatar museum

Best Fun Activities to Do in Qatar

1. Visit Qatar’s Museums

Qatar is loaded with museums for tourists who want to take a glimpse at the nation’s history. Museums also allow visitors to appreciate the country’s unique culture. The most popular among these museums is the Museum of Islamic Art, which was designed by I.M. Pei, a world-famous architect. In this museum you will find a plethora of ancient Islamic artifacts.

2. Participate in Sports Activities

world cup football

Are you into sports? Well, Qatar has lots of amazing facilities where you can engage in physical activities. One of the most popular is biking along the Corniche seaside; a stretch of 7 miles. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry, because Qatar has a program that allows people to borrow shared bikes. Qatar is such a great place for sports, that, it will soon host the World Cup of Football in the year 2022.

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Qatar is home to some of the best and biggest malls in the world. These malls also contain top-notch, luxurious brands. These malls include the Villagio. To those who are interested in exploring the local market, on the other hand, the best place to go is the Souq Waqif, where you will find exotic products and delicacies from the Arab world.

4. Enjoy Performance Art

qatar theater

If you are a fan of theater performances, then Qatar is a great place for you. At night, visitors can enjoy performances from both local and international troupes. Most performances are played at the Qatar National Theater located in the country’s capital. If you are interested in joining a theater group, you can also do so. One company that gives you the opportunity is the Doha Players Theater Company, which produces several amateur plays.

5. Visit the Tourist Attractions

The best way to appreciate Qatar’s amazing scenery is to tour around and visit its attractions. Some big names include Aspire Zone, the Arab Museum of Modern Art, Katara Cultural Village, The Pearl-Qatar, and more.

Are you ready to go on a Qatari adventure? Try to do some, if not all of these activities, and you’ll surely have a blast!