Best Activities for the Adventurous in Qatar

Are you the adventurous type? Qatar is well known for its cultural offerings, tourist spots, and wonderful hotels where you can relax, but did you know that it also has some high adrenaline activities for the adventurous? While it is a small country, it is packed with fun-filled activities that are sure to cater to various people with different tastes, including those who want to feel the rush in their veins.

Indeed, with Qatar’s plethora of adventure activities, it will definitely become one of the primary tourist hotspots in the world. After spending an adventure-filled day, you can visit one of the country’s top spa services to relax and recharge your bodies.

qatar sand dunes
Image Credit: Sand Dunes Holidays Facebook Page

Have a Rush Doing These Activities in Qatar

1. Sand Dunes

Just outside the city of Doha are the sand dunes, where resourceful and creative Qatar citizens have developed adventure spots for adrenaline rush lovers. You can ride smoothly along the sand, but you can also ask the tour guide to drive faster and follow the bumpier route. Another Desert Safari adventure you can do is to ride on a camel and imagine yourself being Aladdin!

2. Skydiving

To many, skydiving is the ultimate adventure. There are many people who are afraid of heights, and if you’re one of them, but at the same time would like to conquer your fears, then this activity might just be for you! Jumping off the plane in Doha is particularly special, since you will be looking down on such an amazing view of the modern metropolis in the middle of a huge desert. Look a little further and you’ll also see the Persian Gulf in a spectacular view like no other.

3. Aspire Tower

The Aspire Tower is a skyscraper which is 300 meters high. In fact, it is the tallest building in the country. It is an adventure to go to the top and view what’s below. On top of the Tower is a restaurant which provides you with a 360 degree view of the city.

4. Extreme Sports

The desert offers other extreme sports aside from the SUV ride along the desert. Such sports include paragliding, quad biking and sand skiing. You can also ride an ATV, or an all-terrain vehicle, on the sand dunes. It’s best you don’t do all of these sports in one day, though. There are many factors you need to consider, including the weather and your energy, to ensure safety.

These are just some of the adventurous activities you can do in Qatar. Add this to your list of reasons why you should visit this fun-filled country!