Top Places to Relax in Qatar

If you’re looking for a place to relax in Qatar, there are many places to choose from. The coastline of Qatar itself is loaded with clean beaches, some of which aren’t totally explored yet.

We also have the Katara Beach, a public resort that has high-end facilities and amenities for a cool experience.

Best Things to Do to Unwind in Qatar

The country also has lots of parks where you can stroll and loosen up. These include the open space near Sheraton Hotel, and the Al Bidda Park. Most of these parks are near eateries and coffee shops, and even provide access to free Wi-Fi.

1. Beaches and Pools

Tourists like swimming at hotel pools or private beaches, and hotels in Qatar are more than up to the task, with their exclusive beach areas and wonderful pools that are often set in a garden-themed environment.

The Katara private beach, in particular, is a 1.5 km beach that is one of the prettiest in Qatar. Beach goers can choose to just relax or participate in adventurous beach activities.

2. Safaris and Tours

Qatar has lots of deserts, to say the least. The country has made it a point for tourists to enjoy these barren, hot places through activities that tug the heart of adventure lovers.

For example, they can enjoy a 4 x 4 off road safari. Tourists can also enjoy riding on a dirt bike. There are other activities as well, such as sand boarding, camel riding and dune buggy riding.

3. Qatar Cuisine

Image Credit: Qatar Cuisine Facebook Page

I know this article is entitled top places to relax, but what could be more relaxing than enjoying Qatari cuisine in a relaxing environment?

Qatar has a rich and varied cuisine, with influences from the world over adding to the already rich local food scene. Through the years, local food has evolved and progressed through cuisine influences from North Africa, the Levant, Iran, and India.

Examples of tasty and delicious Qatari food are machboos, ghuzi, stuffed boiled goat or sheep, and more. These are often accompanied with side dishes like salad, vegetables, fish, and chicken.

4. Spas

The best way to relax in luxurious fashion is through Qatar’s numerous, pampering, and lavish spas. Many of these facilities are found in hotels and clubs.

Many spas operating in the country are owned and managed by world-wide experts, including Angsana, Remede, and Six Senses.

There you have it! If you intend to spend some quality, comfy time in Qatar, there are numerous options to choose from. Indeed, Qatar has it all! And speaking of the international influence of Qatar cuisine, why don’t you check out these popular Filipino restaurants in the country? Filipino food, after all, is becoming more popular around the world.