5 Filipino Practices Adapted in Qatar

Filipinos are the fifth highest in terms of population among expatriates living in Qatar. This is equivalent to around 250,000 people! This means that Filipinos have provided a significant portion of the workforce that drives Qatar on a daily basis. Filipinos have contributed much to the success that Qatar is enjoying today.

Some of the oldest Filipinos living in Qatar have been around for 50 years already! It’s inevitable that the Philippine culture has somehow seeped into Qatar society, and the Pinoy influence can be seen in many aspects, some of which will be mentioned in this article. This influence will continue to grow, now that Qatar is making the right moves to protect its expatriates.

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Image Credit: Beautiful Philippines – Qatar Facebook Page

5 Ways Filipinos Influenced Qatar Culture

Here are some of the Filipino practices that have found their way into Qatar culture:

1. Excellent customer service

Filipinos are well-known for their hospitality, and this shows up even at work. When you enter a store in Qatar and a Filipino comes to greet you, they usually say “Sir” and “Ma’am,” which is different from what Qataris are used to. This shows that they care for you, and in all sorts of industries, Filipinos are trusted by their employers.

2. Groupies

These days, most people like to use the front cam of their smartphones to take selfies. But “groupies” are probably much less common. This involves taking a group photo using the front cam, usually ending up with heads sticking as close to each other as possible to fit in the photo frame. Apparently, Filipinos in Qatar are quite fond of doing this. On a deeper note, this shows how strong the bond is between Pinoys in Qatar.

3. Smiles

Filipinos are one of the happiest people in the world. Despite the problems of Philippine society (being a developing nation), Filipinos still find light in the dark, beauty in the ugly, and they still manage to smile amidst problems. Apparently, this contagious smile and the positive outlook made its way to Qatar, making the country happier in turn.

4. Zumba

Zumba is really big in the Philippines. Whenever there is a social gathering, for example, one way to prep up the participants before the event is to start dancing to Zumba music and moves. In Qatar, Filipinos have organized Zumba sessions in some areas, including the Corniche during Fridays.

5. Karaoke


Singing with a Karaoke is a Filipino stereotype. Perhaps, the affinity for Karaoke is the reason why many Filipinos are really great singers. In Qatar, Filipinos like to have their own portable karaoke device, which they can plug into the TV to sing. But ever since the influx of Pinoys in Qatar, some restaurants have already offered free Karaoke until dawn to make their customers happy.

Filipinos have done a lot of right things to making Qatar a more progressive and a happier place. Now, Qatar is even more enjoyable than it already is!