7 Fun Activities to Do in North Sedra Farm

If you are looking for a fun activity with your family, why not take everyone to a farm? Not only will the little ones enjoy the fresh air, but they will also see how a farm operates. Your group can also see farm animals up close.

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One of the newest attractions in Qatar is the North Sedra Farm, located in Madinat Ash Shamal. It’s just a short drive from Doha, so you can check it out for a weekend visit. The best time to visit is during the winter because the farm is closed every summer.

Activities for Kids
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What is North Sedra Farm?

For a fun and educational destination for the whole family, head on over to North Sedra Farm. Take a break from your gadgets and learn to work with your hands. A trip to the farm will also get you closer to nature because you will learn about plants and animals.

The farm opened in 2017 with the goal of showing Qatari culture, and it reopened in October 2022. It is also the first agrotourism destination in the country. When you visit, you will feel the Qatari atmosphere as you take part in their outdoor activities, such as interacting with farm animals. Most importantly, you and your family can enjoy homemade food.

Things to Do at the Farm

A visit to the farm mostly includes looking at farm animals and learning about their habitat. You would also be able to harvest vegetables and other plants grown on the farm. But at North Sedra Farm, you and your family will enjoy some other activities. Let’s list down what you can expect from your visit:

Enter the Corridor of Windows

This hall is the first attraction you will see once you enter the farm. This room is full of artifacts such as old typewriters and alarm clocks. Show these items to the little ones so they will know what the older generations used before personal computers and smartphones.

Aside from the antique items, visitors can also view some farm animals through the wide windows. You can see the Arabian oryx, deer, cows, donkeys, and ostriches. You can also refer to the infographics about each animal to learn more about them.

Learn about Qatar through the History Museum

If you want to know more about Qatar’s history, this museum will provide you with the information you need. There are different themed rooms in the museum where you can see traditional clothing, old tools, and other home implements used during the country’s early years. This museum is located at the end of the corridor.

Visit the Museum
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Interact with Farm Animals

After learning about Qatar’s history, it’s time to meet the farm animals since the enclosure is right outside the museum. In this part of the zoo, the children can buy milk bottles and hay to give to the animals. Some of the animals that visitors can interact with are cows, goats, and chickens. North Sedra Farm also features exotic creatures such as llamas, deer, and zebras. This is your chance to see up close the animals that you’ve only read about.

The farm also has a Cat Café and Sanctuary where guests can feed the cats in the enclosure by purchasing cat treats. If you are a cat lover, this is a perfect spot for you on the farm since you can have your snacks while hanging out with the farm’s felines.

The dwarf goat playpen is another attraction at North Sedra Farm. Guests can enter the enclosure to feed the goats and watch them play. There are several elevated structures in the enclosure to keep the goats busy.

Aside from playing with the animals, guests can also have the chance to play with some resident animals. The children can ride camels and ponies along a guided path around the farm.

Pick Fruits and Strawberries

You and your family will not only see some animals on the farm, but you will also have the chance to pick some produce at the greenhouse. The farm grows strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes, which you can pick depending on the season. The farm staff will provide a container and a pair of scissors so you can pick any harvest you want.

A visit to the greenhouse will also allow you to see best practices on how to grow plants. If you have a green thumb, you could even use their method in your own garden.

Strawberry and Vegetable Picking
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See Vintage Cars

The North Sedra Farm is home to another museum, this time for vintage cars. If you are a car enthusiast, you can look at the old cars in their pristine glory.

Play Time for Children

After seeing the farm animals and picking fruits, it’s time for the children to unwind. Some of the attractions that they can go to are the boat ride and mini-trains.

Eat Good Food

After going through all these activities, you and your family will surely need to replenish your energy. If you head on over to the central square, you can see some food stalls selling burgers, teas, and coffees. Get some light snacks, and you can then continue your journey.

Later, you can experience authentic Qatari Afternoon Tea when you go to Gahwat Emsayan. Aside from the tea, you can try traditional snacks such as alaleet, samosa, and luqaimat.

Entrance Tickets

All visitors, adults and children alike, will pay the QR 20 entrance fee. Meanwhile, children under 2 years old can get in for free. You can pay the entrance fee in cash or by card.

Some farm attractions require a coupon system, which you will purchase separately. The price of 3 coupons is QR 50, while 6 coupons cost QR 50. The coupons can only be paid in cash. Thus, it is better if you also bring cash with you when you visit the farm.

Some of the activities that need coupons are: feeding the animals, camel and pony rides, harvest picking, and kids’ activities.

The Cat Sanctuary has a separate entrance fee worth QR 30. This fee also comes with treats for cats.

Operating Hours

The park is open every Friday and Saturday from 12:30 PM to 8 PM.


Are you curious about what the farm offers its guests? You can watch this YouTube video from Edd 360 to see what awaits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is North Sedra Farm from Doha?

A short car ride will take about an hour.

When is the perfect time to pick the harvest?

According to most reviews, visitors should visit the greenhouse as early as 12:30 PM because the harvest runs out often. These also depend on the availability of produce. Don’t worry about getting to the greenhouse because there is transportation service available.


With all the attractions and exhibits available at North Sedra Farm, you need to allot a whole day to experience all of them. The children can explore nature by looking at the animals and plants. Meanwhile, the adults can look at the museum and enjoy an afternoon tea. You and your family need not travel far since the farm is near Doha.

You’ll also notice that there are a lot of seating areas in the vicinity. If you get tired from all the walking, you can sit on any of the benches to rest.

Contact Information

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  • Instagram: northsedra.qa

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