What to Buy at Farmers’ Markets in Qatar

A farmers market is composed of stalls selling produce, such as fruits and vegetables, direct from the farm. It is usually located outdoors. (SEE ALSO: 5 Popular Pinoy Grocery Stores in Qatar)

There are several farmers markets in Qatar. Most of them are open on weekends, or during one season. When they open, the merchandise they offer are worth the trip. The products here are cheaper because the farmers sell their produce directly to the consumers, which eliminate the need for a middleman.

jams from farmers market

Supporting Local Farmers in Qatar

Qatar is home to several farmers markets. These establishments carry fresh produce and even livestock direct from different farms in Qatar. Here’s a look at some of them:

1. Troba Farmers Market at Qatar Foundation

This market focuses on artisan and eco-friendly set-up. It features different vendors every week. The items offered include artisan products, wellness products, farm fresh produce, gardening, and wellness and lifestyle selections. Also on sale are ready to eat food such as jams and preserves, and organic coffee.

Troba Farmers Market also offers online market, where shoppers can go to their website to find the items they need. They deliver for free if the purchase is more than QAR 150.

2. Al Mazrouh Farmer’s Market

This farmers yard consists of a large open-air space featuring around 20 local farms, as reported in Doha Family Magazine. Purchases are done in bulk, and payments are made in cash because there is no credit card facility.

Some of the items available are aubergines, cucumbers, beans, gourds, herbs, fresh dates, local honey, eggs, ghee and homemade spice blends. Depending on the season, this market also sells tomatoes and hydroponic lettuces. Those looking to buy seafood can have their fill as well. The fish market offers local seafood. Customers can also have their purchases filleted and cleaned at a minimal price.

There is a small cafe in Al Mazrouh Farmer’s Market, offering affordable Arabic cuisine. Aside from that, there are also plants and other agricultural products for sale.

3. Al Khor Al Dhakira Yard

This is a farmers market for the residents of Al Khor. As reported in Gulf Times, this yard sells local farms products such as vegetables, seasonal flowering plants, indoor plants, farming tools and equipment. The products here are much cheaper, because farmers are able to sell their harvests directly to the consumers. Purchases are also done in bulk here.

There is a food stall offering traditional Arabic meals. It also offers homemade products like ghee and ground spice powder.

Buying from the farmers market supports the national agriculture, as well as the farmers. Consumers are also assured that the items they buy are fresh.

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