What it’s Like to be Single in Doha

Moving to Doha, Qatar is an exciting venture. You get to experience a different culture, meet different people, and live a comfortable and thrilling life the likes of which you probably haven’t experienced before. If you’re a single man or woman, Doha can be a promising avenue for expanding your career, relationships, and personal growth.

The following article takes a look at several aspects of your lifestyle as a single man or woman in Doha.

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The Singles Scene in Doha, Qatar

1. Making New Friends

The Philippines is one of the happiest places in the world for many reasons, but one of them is that people are generally quite friendly. In Qatar, however, you have to put a bit more effort to making the first move to get to know people. However, once you’ve met a few Qataris and gotten over the initial getting-to-know stage, you will find that they make the most loyal of friends.

A woman may have the initial impression that it isn’t safe in Doha, but in fact, most expats will say that Qatar is an exceptionally safe country. There are a lot of diverse people around, but the security system of the country is excellent. Most of the time, you can be sure no one will rob you or take advantage of you.

2. Getting Around in Doha

The city is well-known for its bad traffic. Most drivers would try to take away your lane if given the chance. The best thing you can do is to let them pass, and just focus on what’s in front of you and not what’s behind you. Having said that, you need to be confident and aggressive as well. You should also avoid driving during holidays, especially during National Day, when the streets are definitely busy. However, if you are from Manila, then you know that nothing beats the traffic in the metro city, so you’re used to this!

3. Dating

For men, dating can be a bit harder than for women. Doha is not the place for meeting women, since if you’re an expat, and you go to bars, you will always find that there are more expat men than women. Women, on the other hand, will have a much easier time finding dates in Doha. There are lots of smart, intelligent men, and depending on your goal, you can find a successful man for long term relationships, or have fun dates meeting lots of different men.

Being single is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Going to Qatar single is definitely an adventure, and for the adventurous, there are so many activities to explore in this bustling country.