5 Ways to Beat Reverse Culture Shock

After a successful stint abroad, most of our kababayans would go home to the Philippines and stay there for good. But one factor that might affect our returning kababayan is the reverse culture shock.

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When you have been overseas for a long time, you were able to adapt to the culture of your host country. But eventually, you will come home. Reverse culture shock sets in when you have to adapt again to the way of life in your home country.

Reverse Culture Shock


Phases of Reverse Culture Shock

Our kababayans work abroad to improve their lives, and their families. Once this goal is met, the overseas looks forward to coming home for good to spend time with the family.

However, this goal does not always go as planned. Some of our kababayans have imbibed the way of life in the host country. And when they go back to the home country, they now to find it difficult to adjust to the previous culture and practices that they used to know.

The novelty of the idea of being home might wear off after the initial welcome. When everyone back home returns to their normal routine, the former overseas worker might be lost as to what to do next.  There is no work schedule to follow and no reports to accomplish.

In some cases, the returning worker might feel misunderstood because his ideas and actions have changed. But on the other hand, even the family members have also changed. The children have grown and had their interests. Even the spouse has also adapted to become more independent by being left alone to care for the family.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope:

  1. Give yourself enough time to adjust. Accept that you have changed after working abroad. Once you get home, don’t expect that you will quickly adjust. When you have settled into a routine, you can assess whether you want to continue the activities that you left behind. You can also pursue other interests.
  2. Find other people who share the same interests. For sure, there will be former expats in your community. Talk to them because they can understand you since you share the same experience.
  3. Cultivate the friendships you made abroad. It is easy to send a message or email to the different people you met while you were overseas. You might even host a reunion for them when they are in town.
  4. Keep on learning new skills. Once you are home for good, you may now have the time to pursue interests that you discovered while you were abroad. Who knows, you might even use this skill to earn additional income.
  5. Enrich your marriage and other relationships. Take the time to know your family again. Even if you used to call each other when you were based abroad, your relationship is different now because you see one another 24/7. Accept that all of you are adjusting. You can even attend church fellowship to help enrich your relationship.

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