3 Things to Remember Regarding Cellphone Use in Qatar

Nowadays, we spend a chunk of our waking time looking at our social media accounts. We have also gotten used to posting on our accounts, whether by sharing photos or posting comments.

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However, some practices are frowned upon in Qatar, as well as other countries in the Middle East. Take the time to know what you can or can’t do so that you will not get in trouble.

follow regulations

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

Be Cautious When Using Your Cellphone

We all know how our cellphones have become a part of our life. Aside from texting, we have used our devices to record momentous occasions or our OOTD.

The YouTube video of Pinay DH in Qatar discusses how Qatar allows the residents to use their phones freely. Some household workers also receive cell phones and internet connections from their employers so they get in touch with their families back home.

However, owning a cellphone comes with certain responsibilities. Those who work in the household have to abide by the rules of their employers and the government

Here are the important points as discussed in the video:

1. Do not post photos of young children on social media.

For those who care for children, it might come naturally to take photos of them because they look cute and smart. However, it is another story to post on your social media account.

Instead, you should ask permission from the parents if you can do so. Despite the child’s nationality, you should get the approval of their parents before posting their image. Better yet, you might want to give the child some privacy and refrain from using their photos for public consumption.

The YouTuber mentioned one incident where the employer sent home their household worker when they saw the uploaded photo of their child.

2. Do not post photos of road accidents.

If you encounter a road accident, your first instinct would be to take photos to share as news with others. However, this practice is not allowed in Qatar.

Since you are in your host country, you should be mindful of the laws. It doesn’t matter if you used to take photos of everything back home.

3. Do not take photos of yourself with little to no clothing.

Finally, be mindful of taking photos of yourself especially if your employer sponsored your phone. Even if you see on IG of some photos scantily-clad women, it doesn’t mean that you should imitate them.

The YouTuber gave an example of one household worker who took a photo of herself with a few pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, her ward saw what she was doing and informed the father. The worker got in trouble because of this incident.

She also emphasized that wearing a scandalous outfit is not allowed in a conservative country such as Qatar. It is also important to be wary of sharing these kinds of photos in your group because there is always the possibility that other people will share it.

Finally, the vlogger reminded kababayans not to waste their contract by doing illicit activities. Always remember that the people we meet abroad may not share our culture and values. So we should be careful how we act around them.

You can watch the full video here:

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