How to Get Locally Hired in Qatar

This article shares the experiences of an OFW in Qatar, how he applied locally in Qatar and how he processed the requirements. It is an informative video that can really help OFWs who want to enter into a new company and leave their current job.

Before his two-year contract in Qatar expired, the OFW had already begun looking for jobs locally. He passed resumes online and waited for calls. He shares the following tip: before you go to a job interview, you need to know important details. For example, during the first call, ask the employer about the salary right away. That will save you time and effort.

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How to Apply Locally After Working for Several Years in Qatar

Take your time.

In the video, the OFW talks about applying locally and receiving many calls. In Qatar, there are many job opportunities. Usually, hiring increases when a new hotel is on the rise. In this case, many job opportunities arise. When you’re applying for jobs locally, don’t be in a hurry. You’re already in Qatar anyway. However, if you are in Qatar with a visit visa or a tourist visa, you do need to hurry. Your time is limited in the country. Fir example, you can stay in Qatar for only 30 days with a tourist visa.

Why apply locally?

When you’re already in Qatar and applying locally, expect that you will get a much higher salary than your original job that you applied for when you were still in the in the Philippines. As a locally hired employee, sometimes you have the privilege of really getting the salary you want and deserve.

Take the following example. An OFW who got hired in the Philippines to work for Qatar worked for 5 years with minimum salary. But after that, he decided to look for another company and applied locally. Now he is enjoying the basic salary of an engineer, which is higher than 7,000 riyals, equivalent to 98,000 Philippine pesos monthly.

How to process papers for local application:

In the video, the OFW mentioned that when he received an offer letter from the new company, the first thing he did was give that letter to his current company. He also asked for a certificate of registration and computer ID number of the new company. The goal is for him to get a No-objection Certificate (NOC) so he can be cleared to transfer to another job.

All About the NOC

The NOC is an important document for Qatari employees who wish to transfer to another company. When you have an NOC, you are free of any obligations you have from your former employer. The thing is, its not that easy to get an NOC. The Youtuber mentioned that most companies don’t give one, especially if you have been working for less than 5 years for the company. The company has an option not to give you the NOC if you have worked for less than 5 years for them. But if you’ve worked for 5 years or more, the company is obliged to give NOC.

The YouTuber has worked for 2 years but he still got an NOC. What he did was he told the new employer that he probably won’t get an NOC from his old employer. I asked the new employer if its possible, they talk to the old employer and ask them to give me the NOC. While doing this, you have to talk to them respectfully. Don’t use force. Be polite and kind. He is also lucky because the new company really wants him to have an NOC.

The company gave him another option in case he couldn’t get the NOC, and that option is to exit. That is, he first goes out of the country, to Sri Lanka or Oman or what, and then he returns to Qatar. This is expensive though.

Requirements for getting a transfer VISA:

There are different requirements depending on whether the company is government-owned or private-owned. If your new employer is private-owned, all you need is an NOC. If you have that, you can start working right away. For government-owned, the process is quite expensive. First you have to get an NBI clearance from the Philippines. When it arrives, have it sealed at the Philippine Embassy. Then go to MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to have it sealed again.

Applying for a new job after working for several years in your first job in Qatar may be the next step forward for most Filipino workers. This video shows that while tedious, it is definitely worth the effort.