How to Wash and Store Groceries Amid the Pandemic

Society is in a tight spot right now. Because of the pandemic, even mundane activities need to be done more carefully and properly. We need to eat and live, and to do that we need to go to the groceries to buy food. Getting that food right now is too risky. There are certain measures that need to be put in place to reduce that risk.

At this time of social distancing, we still need to shop for groceries. What are the steps we can take to make this endeavor as safe as possible? The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar has shared the following important tips.

wash groceries

Tips on Buying Groceries in a Store

1. Carry your groceries safely.

You don’t know if your groceries have the virus on the surface, so the mere act of carrying it has some risk factor involved. That’s why it’s important to wear disposable gloves.

2. Dispose the plastic bags you used.

You may have used plastic bags to carry your groceries home. If infected, the virus in these plastic bags can last up to 3 days according to a recent study. That’s why it’s best to dispose them immediately. Throw them in a garbage bag.

3. Clean surfaces.

You may have put your grocery bags at the trunk of your car after shopping, or placed them on your table or any surface. You need to know exactly which surfaces may be infected and clean and disinfect them.

4. Clean food packages.

Your food packages need to be cleaned and disinfected as well. To do this effectively, you need to designate a cleaning and disinfecting area in your house. For example, you may want to do this at a location outdoors. Or in a room separate from the kitchen or the dining area. After cleaning the food packages, you should also disinfect the area.

5. Throw package of fruits and vegetables.

The Ministry of Public Health advises that fruits and veggies need to be stored in clean bags. Proper disposal should then be done on the packages that these goods came in. For example, some vegetables are wrapped in plastic for better preservation. Throw these plastics in the garbage bag after peeling them off.

6. Disinfect fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables should be a part of our diet these days. They help make our immune system stronger. But we need to disinfect them first before consuming them. There are many disinfectant products that are specially designed for food. They come in either liquid or tablet form and are readily available in the market.

7. Now clean your hands.

After taking care of your groceries, it’s time to wash your hands with soap and water. Remember to sing happy birthday twice and carefully wash the corners and edges of your hands.

8. Store appropriately.

Each product should then be stored appropriately. Normally there are instructions in the packaging of certain goods. For example, some foods need to be refrigerated while others need to be kept in cool, dry places.

These tips are very important. Be sure to follow these the next time you have to go to the stores to buy grocery items. Or you can try food delivery services, which have safety tips on their own as well.