My Monthly Expenses & Cost of Living in Qatar

Qatar offers many opportunities for expats in the Middle East and has been a host for many OFWs in the Middle East. Therefore, there’s a lot of manpower pool from the recruitment agencies as well.

Before you decide to take any job in Qatar, you might want to know how much money workers earn earn and how much they budget their money for their monthly expenses. We came across 2 Filipinos who were willing to share some details of their expenses. Roy and Sheila are a husband and wife that are based in Doha.

1 Qatari Rial = 12.71 Philippine Pesos

She works as a Travel Professional in a Travel Agency and earns 2,750 QAR or about 34,400 PHP together with her husband who works as a Trainer in an Airline Company who earns 4000 QAR or about 50,000 PHP. Below is the breakdown of their salaries combined and how they budget their money on a monthly basis

Net Monthly Salary: 2,750 + 4000 QAR  =  6750 QAR  
In Philippine Pesos: 6750 QAR = 84,650 PHP

Monthly Income vs Expenses in Qatar as an Expat

How much is my monthly expenses as an OFW in living in Qatar? Find out how in this summary below:

monthly expenses in Qatar

Cost of Living – Breakdown of Expenses

To help you understand better, here’s a breakdown of expenses and comments of each budget made by Sheila as she computes her expenditures. We hope you get a good picture of the situation of the expat workers in this country. Read on the details indicated in each section below.

a. Accommodation – 2500 QAR

Depending on your line of job and your rank, usually company provides apartment or room accommodation. My husband and I decided to go out from our company accommodation and rent 1 BR apartment which ranges from 1700 to 2500 per month.

b. Transportation – 100 QAR

I don’t get to pay for transportation because of the free transportation ride by my company. But I must say I spend 100 QAR on occasions that I go out.

c. Groceries / Food Allowance – 400 QAR

I must say I spend 400 QAR monthly for my own food. My husband and I make sure to budget our money on a separate basis so we can track the activity of our finances.

d. Remittances – 1600 QAR

I always make sure to send 40,000Php-45,000Php as I have 2 kids who go to school. That also covers house bills, food, allowances, school miscellaneous, etc. But for me, I cover 1,600 QAR or almost 20,000php monthly.

e. Leisure – NA

We seldom go out for leisure. As much as possible we keep our priorities in place. If we need to go out, we take this money from what we have earned from part-time jobs.

f. Savings – 500 QAR

I make sure to save 200-500 monthly. This is the money that we use whenever I have plans of vacations, buying some investments or at least to be used for emergency purposes.


qatar cost of living and expenses per month

Sheila clearly mentions that they also settle bank loans that they have used in putting up a small business in the Philippines and paying for their own house. Both of them also join part time jobs or online reselling businesses while working in Doha so there are other source of income.

Please be advised that no matter how huge the salary you get from your job, it will always depend on how you manage your finances. When you are away from your family, it is good to save as much money as you can so it can be used for different purposes.

Note: This is just an estimate of cost of living in Qatar to give you an idea of the monthly expenses that expats spend in this country. Make sure to manage your finances very well so you won’t get any financial trouble.

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