Need to Save Money? Avoid These Habits

For most of us, working abroad is a way to earn a decent salary towards a financial goal. Perhaps, it would be to pay for a house, send the children to school, or pay off some debts. But to do that, we need to save our money.

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However, there will be times when we spend mindlessly. While it’s okay to use your hard-earned money to relax or experience some form of convenience, it is also important not to go beyond your budget. Otherwise, your efforts will go to waste.

eating out

Stay Away from Unnecessary Spending

Staying in a new place can trigger your adventurous spirit, making you want to try new things. It might encourage you to spend more than you usually do. Don’t lose sight of your plan. If you want to save your hard-earned money, avoid these habits:

Go on a retail therapy

With Qatar home to big malls, it can be tempting to go to each one of them and go on a shopping spree. It can be fun in the beginning, but the happiness will not last long when you realize that you no longer have any savings left to buy the important stuff you need.

How to solve this problem? Set aside a small amount that you can use for personal treats. You can still shop, but you know that there will be some money left over.

Partying at clubs and bars

When battling homesickness or boredom, you would tend to find friends and go out to forget about being alone. But too much partying could eat up your savings since you will pay for drinks, clothes, and transportation.

How to solve this problem? Find other free or inexpensive activities to keep you entertained. There are numerous parks in Qatar that you can visit for free. Also, you can choose friends who share the same goals as you – saving money while working abroad.

Eating out

Going to your favorite restaurants or eating out all the time can save you time in preparing your daily meals. You can also try different tasty food that you wouldn’t have time to cook at home. While we understand that dining out can be convenient, doing it frequently can affect your budget.

What can you do about it? Of course, food is essential. But you would be better off buying the ingredients in the supermarket and cooking the meals yourself. You can double the amount you cook, and freeze the other half. You’ll have an instant meal that you can reheat when you are running out of time.

Excessive Travelling

In your search for new adventures or IG-worthy destinations, you could end up dipping into your savings. Pretty soon, your hard-earned money will be gone.

What can you do about it? While it is important to have some R & R, you could choose some destinations that you can afford. You could set aside some funds every month so you’ll have something to use. Or compare prices so you can maximize your funds.

We hope these suggestions can help you. By being smart about your money, you are assured that you’ll have something to use in the future. Most importantly, you will also be closer to your goal.

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