Why Qatar is Safe Despite the Pandemic

Just a few days ago, Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health announced the highest single day increase in number of cases of the coronavirus disease; 560 new cases on April 17, 2020. Despite this number, many organizations and individuals have lauded Qatar’s smart and comprehensive efforts to put the pandemic to a halt.

Because of the government’s highly coordinated and effective strategies, one can definitely say that Qatar is still a safe country despite the virus. The following are just some of the reasons why this is the case.

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Qatar Still Safe Despite Global Health Crisis

The following are some of the reasons why Qatar continues to impress the world and assure its citizens and residents that everything is under control.

1. Excellent Healthcare System

Qatar’s health care system is unparalleled by many countries. In fact, it has one of the most modern facilities in the world. Lead by the Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar has shown its efficiency in identifying the infected patients, contact tracing, isolation and treatment for full recovery.

2. Transparency

When it comes to letting its citizens and residents know about the latest updates regarding the pandemic, Qatar has done an excellent job. It has accessed all platforms to reach the public as frequently as possible, which keeps them informed and able to make the right judgments. For example, many of Qatar’s ministries, like the Ministry of Public Health, daily update their social media sites, providing the latest numbers and efforts, and making important announcements.

In fact, Qatar has been innovative in terms of communicating transparency to the public. For example, press conferences have been regularly held for TV by the Government Information Office and the Ministry of Public Health. This raises public health awareness and, among other things, prevents the spread of false information.

3. Preemptive measures

Qatar’s efforts are worthy of emulation, and they have proven their effectiveness on a regular basis. For example, the country has made it a point to provide only the best medical services available against the disease to both residents and citizens for free. Another strategy is ensuring the continuous flow of food and other necessary goods to local markets and keeping the prices in check. That way, residents won’t fall short on necessities.

Yet another strategy that’s proven to be really effective is Qatar’s successful promotion for volunteerism. It is quite amazing how the citizens of Qatar have been so quick to respond to the government’s call for volunteers. Even OFWs in Qatar exhibited their Bayanihan spirit; recognizing that some co-Filipino workers are out of jobs, they took the initiative to buy goods and distribute them.

4. Helping Other Nations

Qatar’s strategies are so efficient and effective that it has found the time and resources to help other countries as well. For example, Qatar has provided medical devices, sanitizers, cleaning and disinfection materials, ventilators, autoclaves, microscopes and so much more to Yemen. Other beneficiary countries include Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine.

It will probably take a lot more time to finally see an end to this global pandemic. Having said that, Qatar is surely making strides in the right direction, and showing the world how its done.