Enjoy These Attractions at Jump Qatar

For children and adults alike who are looking for a weekend destination, head on over to Jump. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, or looking for a place to spend the afternoon, you can find all these at this indoor recreation center.

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The ticket price for regular admission is 60 QR, where you can enjoy the park’s attractions for 2 hours. Meanwhile, for 90 QR, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the rides and attractions. 

Trampoline Zone
Image Credit: Jump Qatar Facebook

Fun and Flair in Jump

Do you have two hours to spare for fun and games? All of Jump’s 700 square-meter floor area is waiting for you for never-ending games and attractions. Safety should not be a concern since trained staff are always monitoring all guests. 

Not only will you have fun at Jump, but you can also have a chance to get some exercise done. Your trip will surely be worth your time!

To help you plan your trip, let us discuss the attractions that await you at this theme park. Be warned, though, that one visit might not be enough for you to try out everything. 

Get to Know the Play Elements in Jump

Free Jumping

You can jump to your heart’s content on the trampoline. There is also the basketball trampoline, where guests can not only jump but practice their basketball skills. 

Foam Zone

For another worry-free activity at Jump, the Foam Zone would be your best bet. In this area, you can create games and other activities without worrying about falling. You can safely land on foam.

Small Dunk

Basketball enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite games in this zone of the indoor park. You can shoot some hoops and even practice your dunk. 

Velcro Wall

A sticky experience for all the guests is waiting at the Velcro Wall. Choose from the Soft Wall or Special Suits where you can fly as high as you can and stick on a wall. Children who are unable to get unstuck can ask for help from the park’s staff. 

Ninja Obstacle Course

For a fun, challenging, and strenuous activity, add this obstacle course to your list. Test your skills and strength to accomplish the course. You might come out exhausted, but you will surely have fun while doing so.  

Wall Climbing

Experience how it is to scale a wall. Let your hands and feet do the work, as you explore the most fun part at Jump. Don’t worry about falling; the sponge pool will be there to catch every guest. 

Jump as Events Place 

If you want to share the fun with your family and friends, you can book your events at Jump. For birthday celebrations, you can book a party room and avail of exclusive use of the play area. Your group will even be provided with a host to help you celebrate. No matter the size of your group, you can celebrate at Jump without breaking your budget.

Working Hours

  • Saturdays to Thursdays – 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Fridays – 1:00 to 11:00 pm

Ticket Prices

  • Regular Admission: 60 QR (2 hours)
  • Ultimate Admission: 90 QR (enjoy all activities for 2 hours)

Location and Accessibility

Mirqab Mall, Al Mirqab, Al Jadeed Street, Doha, Qatar

Contact Details

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there a parking facility at Jump Qatar?

Yes, you can use the parking space at Mirqab Mall

  • Can I avail of birthday packages at Jump?

Yes, Jump offers various birthday packages to fit your needs. To know more about your choices, you can call Jump at +974 4447 9313/ +974 3007 6888.

  • Do I get a reward for being a frequent visitor?

Yes, with the loyalty card. When you buy this card, you can get in for free on your 6th visit at Jump.

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