How to Travel by Land from Qatar to Bahrain

If you’re considering another travel destination by land, Bahrain might be a great addition to your list. You won’t have to travel far because these are both in the Middle East. 

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Keep in mind that you will still need to accomplish a tourist visa since you will be going to another country. You would also need to prepare the documents for your vehicle. 

Sunset in Bahrain

Land Travel from Qatar to Bahrain

Bahrain, another Middle Eastern country, is accessible by land. With your vehicle and travel documents in order, you’re ready to explore. As you plan your itinerary, take note of the steps you need to take. 

Requirements to Travel to Bahrain

While Qatar and Bahrain are both Middle Eastern countries, they are not next-door neighbors. To get to Bahrain, you will first need to go to Saudi Arabia. Once there, you will proceed to King Fahd Causeway, which will lead you to Bahrain.

To reach Bahrain from Qatar, you’ll first need a tourist visa from Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, you’ll obtain a visa for Bahrain.

An earlier article discusses how you can get a tourist visa from Saudi Arabia, as well as the insurance for yourself and the vehicle you are using.

Procedure for Getting a Visa from Bahrain

If you are a GCC resident, you can apply for a visa on arrival for Bahrain. Alternatively, you can also apply for a tourist visa online. However, these options are not available for those working in Qatar as a laborer. 

Use this portal to apply for an e- visa. You will need to provide information such as your nationality, purpose of visit, and whether you are a GCC resident or not. You can also refer to this portal to know whether you are eligible for a visa. 

On the other hand, you can apply for a visa upon arrival when you are in Bahrain. Once you pass the Saudi Arabia border and have reached Bahrain, you can apply for a visa there. Of course, this privilege is only given to GCC residents. 

Bahrain Visa Requirements

To be allowed entry to Bahrain, you need to have a visa. Take note of these requirements when you apply for a visa:

  • Valid passport
  • GCC resident permit, valid for at least 3 months
  • Proof of hotel booking, this is not applicable if you will be staying with friends or families
  • In case of online visa application, you can indicate that you will be traveling by land so you cannot produce an airline ticket

Visa Fees 

The e-visa fee is QR 87 (BD 9), comprising a QR 38.63 application fee and a QR 3.63 (BD 4) visa fee. You can pay the visa fee as soon as your application is approved.. 

Medical Insurance 

You have the option not to get medical insurance since this is not a mandatory requirement when entering Bahrain. 

Vehicle Insurance

You will need vehicle insurance when you go to Bahrain. The good thing is that you can purchase it online. The starting price of vehicle insurance is QR 26.08 (BD 2.7), and is valid for one week. 

If you do not want to buy your vehicle insurance online, you can buy it at the Bahrain entry point. 

Procedure for Entering Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

When you have completed the visa requirements for Saudi Arabia, you can freely enter the country then proceed to Bahrain through King Fahd Causeway. 

Your first stop is the toll gate at the King Fahd Causeway. The starting fee is QR 24. 27 (BHD 2.5) if you are driving a small vehicle. You can use your debit or credit card to pay, you will not be allowed to pay in cash.

At this point, you will keep on driving until you get to the exit point of Saudi Arabia. You will then get to the Bahrain entry point, also known as the Passport Island. This is where the Bahrain immigration officials will process your passport. 

You will provide your personal documents such as the passport, GCC residency, and visa documents at the Bahrain immigration office. 

Cash payments are allowed in the immigration office. However, Qatari riyals are not accepted. On the other hand, you will proceed to another building if you will pay by card.  

For first-time visitors to Bahrain, you will provide your biometrics at the immigration center, otherwise, if you have been to Bahrain there is no need to undergo this procedure. 

After processing the documents, the immigration officer will stamp the visa on your passport and you can proceed to the next stop. The next part is for the vehicle security check.

During the security check, you will be required to alight from the car so that the officials will be able to fully examine the car physically. Once you have accomplished this step, you will go to the next station to show the vehicle insurance documents. 

When you have successfully completed these procedures, you can then continue with your journey to Bahrain.

How to Get to King Fahd Causeway

Places to See in Bahrain

Once you are in Bahrain, you can take the time to visit the popular landmarks there. One of the country’s attractions is the Bahrain World Trade Center located in Manama. This infrastructure is known as the biggest building in the country. The country’s capital is also home to other architectural buildings and traditional markets for your souvenir. 

Return to Qatar via Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Once your trip to Bahrain is over, you will begin your journey back to Qatar. To exit Bahrain, you will pass through a toll gate and gain access to King Fahd Causeway. At the bridge, you will pass by the Bahrain immigration/ customs office where you will show your personal documents. 

At this point, you will also pass through a station for vehicle check. Once done, you can exit Bahrain and head towards Saudi Arabia. In this next country, you will also pass through another vehicle check. 

Travel Time 

Your land trip will take approximately 5 to 7 hours, accounting for traffic and immigration procedures. Along the way, you’ll find petrol stations for refueling, resting, and grabbing snacks.

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