6 Tips for Safe Driving During Fog

Extreme caution and patience are needed when driving through a fog to avoid accidents. It is recommended to drive slower and be more alert since there will be lesser visibility. It is also common to experience traffic when there is fog on the road.

Since fog is a common occurrence in Qatar, it is best to practice safe driving during these times. All motorists and even pedestrians should be mindful when going out.

Photo credit: MOI Qatar FB

How to Drive Safely during Foggy Weather

Low temperature usually causes fogs. When this happens, motorists should be alert and patient when driving because of the low visibility. There could be a build up of vehicles on the road, so be mindful of your movement if there is a need to change lanes or make a turn. Driving is a responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Here are some tips to ensure a safe drive:

  1. Don’t use emergency lights and high beams. Use fog lights and low beams instead.
  2. Slow down your vehicle and drive at a speed that suits the conditions.
  3. Stick to the lane you are driving in. Avoid overtaking and changing lanes.
  4. Use your defrosters and wipers to maximize your vision.
  5. Be alert and listen for any hazards that may be ahead.
  6. Allow more distance between vehicles.
Photo credit: MOI Qatar FB

On the other hand, even pedestrians are also advised to be careful when going out during fog. Here are some of the ways to be safe:

  • Try not to be distracted when walking, this means avoid using the cell phone or other similar devices
  • Always use the pedestrian lane when crossing the street
  •  It is also better to walk facing the traffic to see any incoming vehicle
  • Be extra observant when passing through construction sites, road works or open water as there can be unseen hazards along the way.