Traveling Alone in Qatar

Travelling alone can be a spiritual experience, as you get to indulge yourself to the fullest extent. Without someone to travel with, you don’t have to bother with the other person’s preferences and biases; all you have is what you think!

Sure enough, traveling alone has its disadvantages and dangers. You may feel lonely during some parts of the adventure, and some people may take advantage of you. More often than not though, the difficulties of solo travel can be solved using common sense and proper planning.

solo travel qatar

Tips for Traveling Solo in Qatar

When travelling in Qatar, in particular, here are the following things you need to do to make your trip memorable and successful as a solo traveler.

1. Visit During Cold Months

We all know that Qatar can be really hot during some months. During the summer, the temperature can go beyond 40 degrees Celsius! But visit between the months of November to March, and you’ll enjoy a reasonable weather of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius by day and as low as 12 degrees Celsius at night.

2. Use Uber

There are local taxis available in Qatar, but using the Uber service is often cheaper. Qatar may be a highly developed nation, but its public transportation system could be better.

3. Observe Dress Codes

As a general rule, you should wear decent clothing while out in the streets of Qatar. If you are a woman, you don’t have to wear the hijab, but your clothing must cover your knees and shoulders.

4. Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More!

There are several reasons why travelling alone, in general, is great. For one, it is one of the best learning experiences you will ever have. You will learn to become a problem solver, obtain new skills, become less reliant on technology, and make you a more compassionate individual.

5. Qatar is Safe

In a recent annual report by Numbeo, Qatar is listed number one among 118 countries as the safest country. This is based on several factors, including housing indicators, traffic, pollution, crime, health care and cost of living. Among Arab countries, Qatar has consistently been the number one safest country since 2015. The country’s excellent ranking can be attributed mainly to the efforts of the Ministry of Interior; providing top stability and security in society. In other words, you basically don’t have to worry about traveling solo in Qatar.

There’s your list of tips and pointers before going on a solo adventure in Qatar. Of course, there are more points to consider, but don’t forget to enjoy and have fun.