Qatar Traffic Signs That You Should Know

If you are driving in Qatar, knowing the traffic signs is important so you can navigate the streets safely. You will also have peace of mind if you abide by the regulations.

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While it might be convenient for you to get around the city by driving your vehicle, you should know that there are corresponding responsibilities to being a driver. It is irresponsible to sit behind the wheel and not know what the traffic signs mean.

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Follow These Signs For Safer Driving

Visual signs can help the drivers easily understand the traffic sign in front of them. Before you are allowed to get on the road, you should be familiar with the sign to avoid confusion. When you think about it, pedestrians should also understand the traffic signs because they also share the road with drivers.

In Qatar, the General Directorate of Traffic under the Ministry of Interior is in charge of creating and implementing the traffic rules.

The traffic signs fall into the following category: regulatory signs, warning signs, and guide signs. Some of these signs also have a specific shape which you should also be familiar with.

Regulatory Signs reinforce the rules for both drivers and pedestrians. These signs help direct the traffic and flow of the vehicles. When you disregard regulatory signs, you can get a ticket for the violation. You will notice that signs belonging to this category have a red color. Some of these signs are:

  • Stop
  • Yield
  • Do Not Enter
  • One Way
  • Handicapped

no entry

Warning Signs inform the drivers of what they can expect along the path. These signs help the driver by either driving with caution or perhaps finding an alternative route. Most warning signs under this category have a triangular shape, with a red border and white background. Some of these signs are:

  • Dead End
  • Road Humps
  • Railroad Crossing
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Men at Work

no u-turn

Guide Signs provide the needed information for drivers. These can point to a particular direction or tell the driver where to go. Some of these signs are:

  • Expressway
  • Roadway
  • Route

What Do the Colors in the Traffic Light Mean?

When you are driving on the road, you will certainly come across a traffic light especially as you approach an intersection. Here is the guide on what light means:

The red light means that you should stop on the designated line. As a driver, you should stop when the red light is on so that you will not obstruct the flow of traffic on the other line or prevent an accident. Most importantly, you will commit a traffic violation when you do not stop the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the green light means that you should go and keep driving. When this light is on, you should keep driving so as not to stall the other vehicles behind you.

Finally, the yellow light means that you should reduce your speed. You should also be ready to stop at the designated line. According to traffic management officials, you will commit a traffic violation if you disregard this light.

Common Color Theme in Traffic Signs

As you observe the traffic signs around you, you will notice that they have similar colors and shapes. These signs follow a format, and it is also good to know what these are to help you drive safely. The meanings are as follows:

  • Yellow-colored signs mostly give a warning
  • White-background signs are regulatory
  • Green-colored signs mean that traffic movement should keep going. These signs also give directions to the driver
  • Bright yellow or bright green signs are mostly used as signs in school areas. The same signs are also used for pedestrian crossing
  • Orange-colored signs are used in work areas and along the road

Fines for Violation of Traffic Signals

For both drivers and pedestrians, there is a corresponding fine for disregarding traffic signals. The corresponding fines are as follows:

  • QR 500 for pedestrians who will disregard the traffic signal
  • QR 6,000 for pedestrians who will cross the street even if the traffic signal is already red
  • QR 6,000 for line jumping
  • QR 10,000 to 50,000 for destroying and moving traffic signs. The violator may also serve a prison sentence for one month

Are there More Penalties for Irresponsible Drivers?

As more drivers tend to disregard driving regulations, the government has introduced the black points system. Through this system, the officials can also prevent incompetent drivers from getting on the road unless they improve their skills. The accumulated points are assigned against the driver, which will then affect the renewal of the driver’s license.

Certain violations, such as disregarding traffic signs, have corresponding points. When the driver has accumulated 24 points, the traffic officials will cancel the license for one year.

From minor infractions to serious offenses, each of these violations can add up and affect the status of your driving license. If you want to be able to drive again, you will need to pay any fines and enroll in a driving school to refresh your skills.

Apps to Help You Drive Better

Nowadays, there is a corresponding app for all our needs. And it should not be surprising that there is an app to help drivers. For one, the Metrash app is helpful for drivers to navigate the road and check whether they have any traffic violations.

There is also the Qatar Traffic Fine Checker that can help the driver keep track of any traffic violation. It is a free app that can help residents know whether they have committed an infraction or not.

Finally, the Driver Guide app can translate Qatar traffic rules into various languages. Although this app is more useful for those enrolled in a driving school, regular drivers can also learn from the Driver Guide app if they access it as a visitor. Through this app, you can watch traffic training videos in your language. You can also watch the training video and learn about the traffic rules and the corresponding penalties.

Driving is both a privilege and a responsibility. While being able to drive around Qatar can help you get around faster, you also need to be mindful of the traffic rules while you are on the road. By understanding and following traffic signs, you will be able to get to your destination anytime without worrying if you will be fined.

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