Try New Savory Dishes at Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant

If you’re missing your favorite Filipino meals, look no further because you can head over to Doha. At the Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant, not only can you have your fill of your beloved Filipino dishes, but you can also enjoy the ambience and the homey feel at the restaurant.

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All your cravings are taken care of at the restaurant. What’s more, you can enjoy their buffet offerings starting from brunch, until lunch and dinner. You can also try their combo meals so you can still enjoy their menu without going over your calorie count. 

Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant menu
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Satisfy Your Cravings for Filipino Food

Just because you’re several miles away from home, it doesn’t mean you should miss your favorite Filipino dishes as well. In Doha alone, you can find restaurants and eateries offering some popular Pinoy cuisine. And if you want to enjoy your meal, then Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant is the place to be. 

Whether you’re looking for a la carte meals, combo meals, and buffet meals, you will find all these at Lifestyle Avenue. You won’t have to worry about preparing for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner anymore. If you can’t come to the restaurant, you can also have your meals delivered to your apartment or office. 

Breakfast Buffet at Lifestyle Avenue
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Affordable Meals for Everyone

You can start your meal with a serving of bulalo or pair it with beef sisig or beef tapa. If you are looking for chicken dishes, you can have inasal, chicken Bicol express, or deep fried chicken in chili sauce. What’s more, you can also try their chicken barbecue stick, which is also offered as buy one, take one. These a la carte meals are affordable, with prices ranging from QR 15 to 40. For those with a more discriminating palate, the crispy pata is available for less than QR 80. 

Meanwhile, you can try the unlimited breakfast every Sunday, available starting at 7 am. Your options include chicken menudo, fried tilapia, pancit mixed, and coffee. 

Dessert Options

Guests with a sweet tooth can add something cool and sweet to their meals. At Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant, you can try their special halo-halo, mais con yelo, and also their coffee jelly. These sweet concoctions range from QR 12 to 18. 

Meals and Drinks
Image Credit: Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant Facebook

Combo Meals for the Whole Day

If you want to sample their meals, you can try the combo meals. There is Combo Meal #1 composed of beef tapa, daing na bangus, fried siomai, luncheon meat with egg, sunny side egg, and garlic fried rice. Another option would be Combo Meal # 2, where you can have chicken tocino, daing na bangus, spring roll, luncheon meat with egg, sunny side egg, and garlic fried rice. Breakfast is available from 7:15 am to 11 am, from Satuday to Thursday. You can enjoy all these meal combinations for only QR 25 per order. 

For your lunch combo meal options, you can try Combo Meal # 1 composed of beef sisig, fried bangus, chicken adobo, fried siomai, soup, and steamed rice. The other combo meal offers beef caldereta and spring roll, as well. Lunch is served from 11 am up to 3 pm, from Saturday to Thursday. Each meal is only QR 25. 

Sumptuous Buffet Meals to Try

For kababayans with a big appetite, you can also try their buffet meals, which are served during brunch, lunch, and dinner. At an affordable price of QR 29 per person, you can try their delicious food offerings.  The brunch buffer options also include special mami, chicken longganisa, tortang talong, and more. 

For their lunch and dinner buffet, aside from the beef and chicken dishes, you can also order their seafood options including bangus tausi, or their vegetable meals such as okoy kalabasa and buttered mixed vegetables. To cap off your hearty dinner, wash these down with iced tea or melon juice. Don’t forget the creamy sago’t gulaman for dessert. 

If you are planning your private events, you won’t have to worry about preparing meals for your guests. Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant also offers catering services, no matter the number of your guests. 

Their promo and meal offers may vary from time to time. You can also check their social media pages to see which offer you can avail before you visit. 

Operating Hours

The restaurant opens everyday, from 7 am to 12 midnight. 


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