5 Photography Rules in Qatar

Are you an avid photographer or do you simply take pictures for a hobby? If you’re in Qatar, before you take any photos as you hit the streets, you should know the rules and regulations regarding what or what not to take pictures of.

Despite these regulations though, you must give Qatar a chance, since it is loaded with amazing scenery which your lenses shouldn’t miss. After identifying the rules, you would know how to go about doing your photography business, and still produce excellent photos at that.


What to Remember When Taking Pictures in Qatar

1. Watch out for the signs

Thankfully, Qatar is not as strict when it comes to taking pictures as some countries. But you do have to be wary of the signs that say “No photography allowed.” When entering a store, it is good practice to ask the security guard if you can take pictures. There are stores that prohibit such. You can expect to see photography restrictions in places like official buildings, military camps, industrial plants, etc.

2. Be respectful to the locals

Imagine when you see someone taking a picture of you without your permission. It can be pretty annoying, right? Well, imagine how the locals will feel if you take photos of them just because of how they look, wearing their traditional outfits. Asking will go a long way. Be courteous, but do expect that most locals, especially the women, will decline.

3. Qatar’s year-round festivals

Among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Qatar aims to be number one as a tourist destination. One way the country has managed to attract countless tourists throughout the year is via loads of festivals held in spacious and iconic areas. If you are an avid photographer, and a street photographer in particular, you must visit during these occasions. You will definitely come across a great shot during the colorful festivities, no matter your subject.

4. Magic hour

The magic hour is what photographers call early sunrise or early sunset. During this time, lighting is really great in Qatar. Several Instagram posts and professional pictures can attest to this fact.

5. Try desert photography

Qatar is well-known for its desert adventure tourist spots. This provides a great opportunity for visitors to try desert photography. With desert photography, you can produce pictures featuring the soft sun, amazing landscape, and beautiful sand. The desert landscape is especially wonderful during sunset.

Are you ready to bring your trusted camera and photography skills to Qatar? With these tips and reminders, taking photos in Qatar will surely be a memorable endeavor.