Qatar Closes Industrial Area

As part of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some portions of the Old Industrial Area have been closed for 14 days, effective March 17, 2020. The areas closed were Street No.1 to Street No. 32, where the closure can be extended beyond the initial two weeks.

This is part of the government’s precautionary measures to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Earlier, various establishments like malls, gyms, banks and salons were ordered closed. Even mosques were ordered closed. Only supermarkets and pharmacies were exempted from the temporary closure.

Industrial Area Closed for 14 Days

The Ministry of Interior announced that portions of the Old Industrial Area, specifically Street No. 1 to Street No. 32, will be closed for 14 days. The said area was temporarily closed since March 17, 2020.

A tweet from the Government Communications Office explains that the partial closure of Industrial Area is part of the efforts and precautionary measures undertaken by the State of Qatar to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The lockdown can be extended.

According to Wikipedia, the Industrial Area is a district in Doha. It has the Asian Town,  a commercial complex catering to expats from South Asia and Southeast Asia. Some of the amenities found in Asian Town are shopping malls, cinema halls, and a cricket stadium. It also has a hospital, and is served by Mowasalat buses. The bus terminal is located in Street No. 1. Other business establishments are located in this district as well.

Workers affected by the lockdown in Industrial Area were given their salaries, according to Authorities are also coordinating to provide the workers with protective equipment such as masks and sterilizers. It was also revealed that the decision to close down major parts of the area was due to the discovery of positive COVID-19 cases among the residents. The news agency adds that these resident who were identified to have the virus were quarantined.

In a tweet from Qatar News Agency, workers in the Industrial Area also received personal hygiene, and preventive, nutritional and educational publications from Qatar Charity. This was in cooperation with Ministry of Development, Labor and Social Affairs and Ministry of Public Affairs.

In sum, there have been more than 400 cases of COVID-19 infection in the country. Government officials and other sectors are implementing measures to ensure the safety of everyone in Qatar. To help in containing the virus, let us wash our hands often, and avoid crowded places.