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Working in Qatar

qatar education system

There are many reasons why Qatar’s Educational System is so successful, but one of these is the fact that the country continues to make the Education sector one of its primary investments. This human capital investment is seen to provide exceptional returns. Qatar has many public and private schools that offer top education. These include [...]

qatar skills

Qatar relies on skilled workers to get its economy flowing smoothly. That’s why there are many OFWs in the country who are definitely highly skilled, thanks to the topnotch education and training they got from the Philippines. To help workers acquire new skills or develop old ones, it does have several training centers for all [...]

labor in qatar

Qatar’s legal system is composed of two courts: the Shariah court that implements the Shariah Law, and the Adlia court which is the country’s civil court. The Qatar Labor Law is responsible for ensuring that employees get the benefits and rights they deserve, and all employers must follow this law. The Qatar Labor Law covers [...]

qatar photography

Are you an avid photographer or do you simply take pictures for a hobby? If you’re in Qatar, before you take any photos as you hit the streets, you should know the rules and regulations regarding what or what not to take pictures of. Despite these regulations though, you must give Qatar a chance, since [...]

social security

In terms of per capita GDP, Qatar is the richest country in the world. This is due to the fact that Qatar has a small population and is rich in both oil and natural resources. With an effective government, Qatar has catapulted itself from a poor, fishing nation to the richest in the whole world. [...]

qatar change job

Are you currently working in Qatar and looking to change your career? Perhaps you want to discover new jobs, or got fired from your previous job and are looking to find a new one. Well, there are many things to consider! Before the new sponsorship laws were implemented, workers in Qatar had to work for [...]

qatar career

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to work abroad where the grass is greener? If you’re a Filipino and want to leave your motherland for greener pastures, then Qatar could be the place for you. According to a survey study for the year 2019, Qatar is actually the best country to work [...]

science jobs qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world per capita GDP. The economy boomed after gas and oil were discovered to exist in the country. Credit also goes to the country’s leaders, who came up with effective economic strategies and initiatives to improve Qatar’s economy. These initiatives include providing lots of career opportunities not just [...]

qatar office

There are many advantages to working in Qatar. You don’t have to pay taxes as an employee in this rich country, after all! However, it’s more than the money you’ll be earning. Working in Qatar is a wonderful experience in its own right, and experiencing its unique culture is perhaps more rewarding than the financial [...]

qatar exports

Qatar is known for being a strong exporter of oil, but for its exports on other products, the country has also recorded a significant increase for the month of October. In particular, Qatar’s other exports have increased by 13.3 percent compared to the previous month. This is according to a report by the Qatar Chamber [...]