State Qatar Grand Mosque – Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

Qatar may be a small Middle Eastern country, but it is certainly one of the richest and highly-developed nations in the world. It is not only evident through their economy, but also seen through the country’s magnificent mega-infrastructures, and that includes one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, The State Grand Mosque or The Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque.

This grand mosque is named after the great reformist, pioneer and Muslim theologian of the 18th century – Imam Abdul Wahhab. His teachings influenced the entire nation, and that is why the majority of the people in Qatar practice Wahhabism.

The Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque in Qatar

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State Qatar Grand Mosque
Photo by Francisco Anzola

Impressive Size

Qatar State Grand Mosque covers a total land area of 175, 164 square meters. It can simultaneously accommodate around 11,000 men who offer their prayers in the air-conditioned central hall. Likewise, its adjacent special enclosure is spacious enough to shelter over a thousand of female worshippers. To top it all off, the whole mosque can cover a congregation of 30,000 people.

The Location

Nestled on the Corniche next to the Emiri Diwan, and alongside the perched clock tower and towards Doha Education City, the State Grand Mosque is truly one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Besides its great size and mesmerizing beauty, it is also famous for its terrific location, which provides a lovely backdrop of Doha’s skyline.

As a tourist in Doha, Qatar, you should grab the opportunity to witness the picturesque beauty of the city’s skyline during sunset. There is no reason you’ll miss to visit the place because it is just near the city’s major shopping centers.

The Design

The mosque itself flaunts some striking modern architectural features, with intricate details of the stunning interior and numerous domes. Furthermore, it has a lovely and distinctive green and white color combination. While the structure is immensely huge, its layout is rather simple yet elegant, with minimal decorative designs that every sacred place should have.

The mosque preserves some of the most important traditional aspects of the gulf region’s past, including the sandstone facades. It has three main doors and 17 side entrances to the mosque.

The structure is slightly elevated, allowing its pilgrims to enjoy beautiful panoramas of West Bay’s central business district from the mosque’s main entrance. It also has an underground parking, so worshippers and tourists alike can easily park their cars.

The Experience

Entering the halls of this monumental structure of worship brings a lifting feeling of spiritual calmness, tranquility and absolute well-being. Even if you’re not a Muslim, you are welcome to enter inside the mosque. Just make sure, though, to wear proper clothing and, of course, right attitude towards this holy place. The neatness, cleanliness and facilities are available for every category of pilgrims – men, women and the elderly.

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