Qatar Traffic’s New Technology Oversees Road Violations Real-time

All motorists in Qatar, be advised of the new traffic system to monitor violations and to respond to emergencies on the road. The Ministry of Interior in Qatar is ready to update the transportation units of the Traffic Department. The purpose of this upgrade is to lessen the travel-time to respond to different emergencies.

There will be cameras that are 4G-enabled set up on each vehicle units of the Traffic Dept. Internal Security Force aka Lekhwiya and Rescue Police Department aka Al Fazaa.


4G-Enabled Cameras to Monitor Traffic as it Happens

The Telecommunication Department of MOI displayed the Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System which is the most recent security program. With this latest innovation, the cameras that are 4G-enabled are capable of conveying videos that are live and Qatar would be the first to apply such hi-tech system in the GCC. And this technology would be rolled out sometime next year once the tests and trials are completed.

The security program can record road accidents, traffic violations and etc. It also helps officers in identifying the violators on the road where they can take immediate action towards the offender.

The new technology is able to pinpoint the exact location of the accident/incident that makes it easier for the police or the emergency response team to arrive at the site. This ability can improve the capabilities of the Traffic Dept.