Biggest Man-Made Forest in Qatar Almost Completed

Qatar’s construction of the biggest man-made forest is nearing it’s completion.┬áRafi Ohanian (Nakheel Landscapes Operations Manager) told Gulf Times that the man-made forest will be finished on March 20, 2017. It will be a 8.3 sq km forest that has 4 islands and 2 lakes.

The entire area of the forest will be filled with 950, 000 trees. The lakes are spread across side by side. Ohanian said that there are already a lot of birds resting on the trees near the lakes.

Qatar Man-Made Forest

The man-made forest is situated near Umm Salal Ali which is 50 km far from Doha.

He said that the forest’s whole area is placed near the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works plant. He further explained that the irrigation is fully automated and the water is treated from the DNSTW plant.

He remembered that the trees planted are fully grown to a big size and that they can complete this project in time.

He expressed that this project is one of a kind and it’s not available anywhere on this world. That the forest will also have other facilities like picnic areas, hiking areas and there could be boating services.

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