Qatar Labor Law: Women in the Workplace

As a woman who will be working in Qatar for the first time, some of the questions you would want to be answered could be:  Will I be safe there? Will I be protected there? Will I not be discriminated there? Worry not! Qatar has created a legal framework protecting women’s right in the workforce.

Let’s see what the new Qatar Labor Law says about women in the workplace.

women in workplace

Labor Law on Women Working in Qatar

Here are some of the provisions for women in the workplace, as prescribed under the Labor Law:

  • A woman working in Qatar is paid a wage equivalent to the wage of a man if she performs the same work and is entitled to the same opportunities of training and promotion as that of a man.
  • Women should not be employed in dangerous, arduous works, works detrimental to their health and morals, or other works specified by the Decision of the Minister.
  • Women should not be employed during times not specified by the Decision of the Minister.

Maternity Leave

  • A female worker who has been employed for a complete year is entitled to maternity leave with full pay for a period of 50 days. This includes the period before and after the delivery, provided that the period after the delivery shall not be less than 35 days.
  • The maternity leave should be granted, provided that the female employee will present a medical certificate stating the probable date of delivery duly issued by a licensed physician.
  • If the remaining period of the leave after delivery is less than 30 days, the female employee may be granted a complementary leave from her annual leave. Otherwise, the complementary leave would be deemed as leave without pay.
  • At the end of the maternity leave period, if the medical condition of the employee prevents her from resuming her work, she would be on leave without pay, provided that the period of her absence from work does not exceed 60 consecutive days and that the employee has presented a medical certificate of her medical condition issued by a licensed physician.
  • The delivery leave of the female employee does not prejudice her entitlement of other work leaves.

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Nursing Mothers

  • A nursing female worker is entitled to a nursing break not less than an hour per day during the year after her delivery and she is the one to decide on the nursing times.
  • The nursing interval is counted as part of the working hours and is not subject to a deduction in wage.


  • The employer cannot terminate the service contract of a female worker due to her marriage or due to her taking of leave.
  • Also, the employer cannot notify the female employee of termination during her leave.

Now that you know your rights as a female employee in Qatar, you can be assured that working in Qatar will not be a problem — regardless of your gender! Meanwhile, check out these articles on working hours and  other leaves that you are entitled to, if you will be working in Qatar.