10 Best Coffee Spots in Doha

Do you like coffee? Did you know that Doha has lots of high quality coffee shops?

Your choice of coffee spots in Doha depend on whether you like the cozy ones, the luxurious ones, those that offer great coffee, those with amazing food, those that are unique, and more! Plus, while you’re enjoying Qatar’s amazing coffee, why not try their Arabic dishes as well?

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Check Out These Café Spots in Doha

1. Al Shurfa

Al Shurfa is one of the coziest places to drink coffee. It has big and comfortable chairs, dim lighting, and provides coffee aficionados a chance to view the city. This coffee shop is located at Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif.

2. Angelina

Angelina is one of the more luxurious coffee spots in Doha. This lavish, Parisian café is located at the Gate Mall, West Bay. One of their best sellers is a decadent and rich, hot chocolate that is made from three different kinds of cocoa!

3. Espression by LavAzza

This place has one of the best tasting coffees in Doha. While the outdoor coffee place isn’t as comfortable as some spots, it more than makes up for the quality of the coffee. Plus, it looks beautiful at night! This coffee spot is also located at the Gate Mall.

4. Bagel Bar Coffee House

This coffee spot sells great food aside from the coffee. One of their best tasting foods is the Cajun bagel. Bagel Bar Coffee House is located at Sara Residences, West Bay.

5. Al Jazeera Media Café

So what makes this coffee spot special? Well, it has a unique theme showcasing display memorabilia, has an interactive table, and a showroom where you watch dozens of movies. Indeed, there’s lots to do here as you enjoy coffee while learning about the Al Jazeera network.

6. Café 42

cafe 42 doha
Image Credit: Cafe 42 Doha Facebook Page

If you want to enjoy your coffee while working, then Café 42 is the place for you. What makes this café unique is the fact that it is located in a hospital, specifically the Al Emadi Hospital.

7. Baiz Café

If you want to drink coffee in a secluded location, then Baiz Café is perfect for your needs. It is located in Souq Wakra, which is so far from main cities, yet it has some great food like hamsat chicken musakhan with sun-dried tomatoes!

8. Bohemia

Bohemia is another luxurious café place, which is found in Marsa Malaz Kempinski. It’s luxurious ambiance, including a Bohemian glass robotic sculpture, will surely wow your senses!

9. Flat White

This café serves great tasting coffee! Located in The Pearl, Qatar, sugar isn’t served in this café but you can bring your own if you want.

10. Gourmet House

One word that describes this café is quiet. It has great food and a silent environment, which is great for working!

So there you have it, the 10 best coffee shops in Doha. I’m pretty sure other people have a unique list, what with all the great café shops that the city has to offer. (ALSO READ: Best Places to Visit in Qatar)