5 Things You Can’t Bring to Qatar

Wherever you go around the world, each country provides restrictions on what you can or cannot bring in. Qatar is no exception. Qatar, like all GCC countries, is predominantly Islamic, so all its laws and regulations are guided by the teachings of morality and decency in Islam.

The following are food items and other products that you must not bring to Qatar. Once you enter the Doha International Airport, your stuff will be screened immediately. In some cases, unwanted goods will be confiscated, but there are also instances when the consequences are more severe.

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List of Banned Goods in Qatar

Once airport security sees that your hand baggage contains prohibited items, the most likely scenario is that they will confiscate it and you won’t be able to get it again.

1. Pork

As a Muslim country, pork and other products that contain pork are banned in Qatar. Once they discover that you’re bringing pork, the airport authorities will confiscate your product. They will probably then warn you not to do it again.

2. Alcoholic Beverages

You can’t bring alcohol to Qatar. However, it’s not totally illegal in the country. There are five star hotels in Qatar that sell alcohol, but they are only available to non-Muslims. Non-Muslim expats can get a permit so they can buy alcohol, but they can only do so for personal use.

3. Weapons, Ammunition, and firearms

These items are banned in most airports around the world. There are international regulations that label weapons, ammunition and firearms as Dangerous Goods. On the other hand, Qatar Airways may allow checked baggage containing these firearms provided that they are used for sporting and hunting purposes. They will not be allowed inside the cabin.

4. Narcotic Drugs

The government of Qatar will not put up with people who are narcotic drug users, pushers, and manufacturers. In fact, it is stipulated in the law that when a person is repeatedly caught being involved in these harmful drugs, they will have to pay fines of up to QR 500,000 and face the most extreme punishments of the law.

Aside from narcotic substances though, Qatar also bans several neurological and psychotic drugs from entry through the international airport. The list is long, and you may have to refer to a psychologist and airport authorities prior to your travel. Some banned medicines include Morphine, Tramadol, and Diazepam.

5. Other Items

There are several other items you can’t bring to the country. These include edible seeds and spices, and lewd materials. Moreover, when passing through Customs, you have to pass through the red channel where you need to declare either of the following: having more than 400 cigarettes on hand, exceeding the allowed foreign currency limit, having more jewelry and precious stones that is allowed, and bringing a gift or item that is worth more than QAR 3,000.

Before going to Qatar, you must do a bit of research about what you can or can’t bring to the airport. That not only helps you by removing the hassle, it also helps the airport authorities make their job easier. Also, it shows that you respect the laws and regulations of Qatar.