How to Buy a Second Hand Car in Qatar

There are many public transportations available in Qatar. You can either take the bus, taxi, and even the train. If you are in the city, you can get to your destination without any problem.

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But we cannot deny that having one’s car is more convenient. It allows you to go to other farther places in Qatar.

Get the right car model

Picking a Pre-Loved Car

Having your own car makes it easier to move around. But you need to get your money’s worth, and you should know how to choose the right car.

For some expats, buying a new car may be expensive. There’s also the possibility that they won’t be staying for long in Qatar. So, they might not have enough funds to purchase a new vehicle. The best alternative would be to buy a second-hand car.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose:

  • Consider the car brand and model. It is important to buy the car that will fit the passenger’s needs. If it will be a family car, then it should have bigger space. But if there are not that much passengers, then maybe a two-seater car will do.  It’s also important to consider whether spare parts are available in Qatar.

In addition, it does not matter whether the car is a decade old or not, as long as it is in good condition. What matters is the mileage of the car. If the car has covered a lot of miles, there is a big possibility that the engine has gone through some strain and abuse.

  • Research on the car you want to buy. There are websites that provide list of available second-hand cars in Qatar. Some of these websites also provide Istimara renewal (or vehicle registration), and other important information. Aside from online research, you can also ask information from friends.
  • Assess the car’s resale value. Since expats are bound to leave Qatar anytime, it is important to know how much they can sell their car again. Knowing the resale value will help in determining how easily the car will be sold and how much they can get for it. According to experts, Japanese brand cars like Nissan and Toyota have high resale value.
  • Inspect the car before buying it. don’t put your hard-earned money to waste. some potential car owners are eager to get a car that they forget to check the car thoroughly. It pays to look at the car paint, brake pads, air-conditioning unit, chassis, and presence of scratches on the car’s body. Buyers can also consult Metrash2 to see whether the car they are planning to buy has previous accidents.
  • Find out financing options. For those buying a new car, they can usually avail of financing options from the bank. But don’t fret, because there are financing options for second hand cars either through banks or financial institutions. But remember to choose the model that you can afford so you will not have to worry about meeting your obligations.
  • Check for tampered meters. According to resellers, it is unlikely that someone will tamper with the speedometer of the car, it will not hurt to check its condition. If there is real evidence of tampering, buyers should report the matter to car dealers or similar websites.

We hope that these guidelines will help in picking the right car for you.

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