Document Controller Duties and Responsibilities in Qatar

If you have the skills and ability, working as a document controller is a good opportunity to work in Qatar. It can be challenging, but you will find the work fulfilling as well.

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Whether you have previous experience working as a document controller or are just starting, keep on reading this post to learn more about this line of work. Who knows? Being a document controller could be your stepping stone to finding a suitable job in the Middle East.

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Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

What to Expect

A kababayan in Qatar working as a document controller created a YouTube video to share what his usual duties and responsibilities are. Let us discuss the important points that Mr. Paul Dellero (of Pinoy Tayo TV) shared. If you are planning to pursue this career path, you are sure to find something useful.

A document controller is responsible for the flow of documents, whether they are received or sent out

According to our vlogger, the main responsibility of a document controller is to receive and send out documents. If this is your job, you are responsible for keeping track of the documents that come your way. You may be required to scan or make another copy of a document before sending it to a project manager or putting it in the filing cabinet.

As a document controller, you will be responsible for the safekeeping and logging of documents such as shop drawings, design drawings, and all other pertinent documents.

You should be able to know the status of these documents, whether you need more information from the client or you need to follow up with more details. You should be able to track these documents at all times. Conversely, you should also keep track of the emails that you have sent regarding the documents that you have.

You are responsible for keeping the important documents, so you should be able to answer any inquiries that come your way. At times, you might be required to prepare a report based on the instructions of the project manager or supervisor. Of course, your supervisor will sign off on the report you will submit.

Being a document controller does not mean that you will be staying at your desk at all times. You will be expected to get in touch with project managers, engineers, and other departments regarding the previous documents you issued. You should also have the initiative to inform your supervisor about what is needed from the client’s end.

A document controller performs administrative tasks from time to time

The vlogger shared that, in some instances, the document controller performs various administrative tasks, such as tracking of letters, to help ensure the smooth flow of operations. Document controllers are sometimes tasked with performing various reports, including the daily and weekly reports. The client will receive these reports.

In some office setups, the document controller helps the administrative and HR staff monitor attendance. Any request for leaves or vacation will go through the document controller for processing. In the same manner, the document controller keeps track of the visa status of the workers. If there is anyone whose visa is about to expire, the document controller is expected to process the renewal of said visa.

There are also some instances where document controllers keep track of the expenses. They collect receipts as proof of transaction and request petty cash replenishment. The vlogger mentioned the importance of having enough funds for the daily site operations.

According to the vlogger, keeping track of office supplies and requesting for replenishment may also be given to the document controller.

Maintaining site facilities can also fall on document controllers. They can also print out signage or other notices for the bulletin board.

A document controller uses various software

The vlogger says that while company set-up varies, the document controller handles the contract management system for software documentation. There may be other systems that you will encounter as a document controller.

You can watch the full video here:

What are the skills needed to become a document controller?

Now that you know what the usual responsibilities of a document controller are, you also need to assess the skills you need. Knowing these skills will greatly help you do your tasks better:

  • Ability to work with a team
  • Can communicate with various people
  • Good at writing reports
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality with the bulk of sensitive documents they manage
  • Detail-oriented
  • Can manage a workload
  • Proficient in IT
  • Eagerness to learn

What course leads to becoming a document controller?

While there is no university degree that leads to becoming a document controller, there is some corporate training available for those who want to learn about this job. On the other hand, most document controllers learn the ropes of their jobs along the way.

Where Do Document Controllers Work?

There are many industries that need a document controller, especially those that process a large number of sensitive documents and other paperwork. The document controller can thrive in the medical, engineering, and education fields, especially when they are proficient in processing important documents. Being familiar with administrative tasks can also help.

In some cases, law firms, police stations, and insurance agencies will also have a need for a document controller since they need to process sensitive paperwork as well. These industries need a reliable staff to file, sort, and safekeep documents every day.

Is there room for promotion for a document controller?

While the functions vary depending on the industry, document controllers mostly start by inputting data onto the system while assisting a more senior team member. As they gain more skills, they are given the tasks by getting more assignments that a long-time document controller does. Along the way, if they pick up more IT skills, they are given leadership and supervisory functions. They could then lead the whole department of document controllers, if a position exists within the organization. There are also some cases where the document controller has upskilled and moved on to pursue other opportunities in IT.

Always keep in mind that learning new skills can increase your opportunities.

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