First Day of Eid Al Adha will be on September 12

The annual pilgrimage known as Arafat Day will fall on September 11 which is on a Sunday, this is according to reports from Saudi media. They have also declared that  Eid Al Adha’s first day would be on September 12.

The dates of these official holidays are yet to be set by our government in Qatar. But we would like to share this information based on updates. Normally, when Eid Al Adha will start, public sectors or markets will have 5 days off and other businesses or private establishments are closed for 3 days.

eid al adha qatar

Muslims disembark at Makkah, the holy city in Saudi Arabia to begin Hajj pilgrimage, this includes Eid Al Adha during the 10 days. Our fellow Muslims are also motivated to fast, do good deeds and strengthen their worship.

During important days in Qatar, the sale and consumption of alcohol is usually banned. e also posted about it to inform expats of this reminder of this holy celebration.

In the meantime, news agency Barq reported that the International Astronomical Centre (IAC) announced the first day of Eid Al Adha will be on September 12 in Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Turkey.