15 Key Points from Speech of His Highness the Emir of Qatar

As the siege of Qatar continues, His Highness Emir Tamim bin Hamad Ai Thani addressed the nation. Recently, Qatar has rejected the 13 demands given by the Saudi-led group. The list of demands has been reduced to just six, which focuses on eliminating extremism and terrorism.

The Emir’s speech looks back at the nation’s experience as the crisis started, as well as acknowledging all those who stood by Qatar. His Highness also mentioned the county’s efforts in fighting terrorism. Also mentioned was Qatar’s openness for dialogue to resolve the conflict, but that Qatar’s sovereignty should also be respected.

credit: Qatar Government Communications Office

Here are the key points of His Highness:

  1. The spirit of solidarity, harmony and defiance that had prevailed in the people of Qatar frustrated the hopes of those who banked on the opposite.
  2. All those who live in this country have become spokespersons for Qatar.
  3. The people have seen through the heavy curtain of concoctions and incitement, to impose capitulation on this country. People do not believe the lies of those who do not respect their minds.
  4. Arab and non-Arab countries that have a respected public opinion stood with us, or at least did not stand with the siege.
  5. Qatar does not try to impose its opinion on anyone.
  6. Since childhood, our children have learned that lying and slander are two of the worst vices.
  7. Qatar is fighting terrorism relentlessly and without compromises, and the international community recognizes this.
  8. Differences are resolved through dialogue and negotiation and we should not burden civilians with political differences.
  9. This crisis has driven Qatari society not only to explore its human values but also to draw on its sources of strength that lie in its unity, will and determination.
  10. The government with its various ministries and state institutions, efficiently dealt with the crisis to cater for all the needs of the population.
  11. We are opening our economy to initiatives, investments, production of food, medicine and ultimately to diversify our sources of income.
  12. We are not afraid of identifying and correcting our error. This crisis has helped us identify and overcome the shortcomings and obstacles in determining Qatar’s national, political, economic and independent identity.
  13. We are all passing through this test with honor and dignity, we need diligence, creativity, independent thinking and self-reliance for the future.
  14. We are open to dialogue to find solutions to lingering problems, within the framework of respect for the sovereignty and will of each State as mutual undertakings and joint commitments binding all.
  15. Qatar stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially people in Al Quds (Jerusalem) and condemns of the closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.