New Law will End the Exit Permit System and 2 Year Ban in Qatar this December 2016

A new law on the Kafala system (sponsorship system) will be implemented regulating the entry, exit, and residency for expats working in Qatar. The new law includes changes wherein getting an ‘exit permit’ when traveling will no longer be necessary. Also, the 2-year ban before getting a new job will also end.

A report from Al Sharq mentions that this new rule is to be implemented this coming December 2016. This law was officially published last December 13, 2015.

  • Exit Permit for Travel – Current system states that when an employee wishes to travel overseas (for work or for holiday), he/she needs to get a written consent from their employer.
  • 2-Year Ban for Working – As for the 2-year ban, usually, expats need to wait 2 years before they can transfer to another company in Qatar. This will also end according to the new system.

Once the new law is in effect later this year, foreign workers need to sign a job contract before they land here. Those who already have employment contracts who are already here will need to update a new contract. Therefore, all foreign workers will need to sign new contracts with their employers in compliance with the new law (No 12 of 2015).

New Kafala System

Employers and workers will form a new relationship basing from the contract. It will be signed for two or five year’s duration and will depend on the terms and conditions that both parties will need to follow.

After the implementation of the new law, the exit permit system will end, where our foreign workers needs a written permission from their employers to travel overseas. They only need to inform them about their departure.

And a foreign worker does not need to wait for two years to return here in Qatar for a different job with a different employer. As long as the new legislation is in force provided they have full visa requirements and a new contract for the new job.

The new law will be set in motion this December 2016, the executive regulations are ready to make sure that this will be implemented said by the daily news.

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